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Churches come to us because of our software and innovative technology, but at our core, we are a service company. In fact, our service levels consistently rank above and beyond our competitors. Our unmatched combination of software, support, training, and industry leadership come together to make us the best solution for your ministry. We offer more than 300 training days a year, and we have a massive support team ready and willing to help you reach your full potential.

  • "ACS provides us with so many capabilities we didn’t have before. I especially like using ACS for creating reports, but support was what sold us on ACS. Everyone we talked to spoke highly of their service and support. The same has been true for us. ACS is great!”

    — Becky, Albany, GA

We’re committed to serving your ministry in ways that will thrill you.

  • Ministry Implementations

    Hire our top-notch team of former pastors, ministers, and church business administrators to help your staff plan, install, and launch successful ministry programs for your church. Our experts have extensive knowledge of our products and services, and they will use everything they know to identify areas of improvement and equip your staff to use the software effectively.

  • Fulfillment

    Take advantage of our Fulfillment services to handle the tedious details of contribution mailings. We'll print, sort, and CASS certify your mail to get you the lowest possible postage rates. Plus, we will supply the inventory to get the appropriate forms and envelopes to your members.

  • Training

    ACS Technologies provides a wide array of training options, led by ACS Certified Trainers, to ensure the success of those who use our software. New users and veterans from organizations large and small throughout the U.S. can find training opportunities ideally suited to their needs. We also host an annual Ideas to Impact training conference where all clients are invited.

  • Support

    We're here to help! We offer two support programs to help you run your ministry and keep up with the rapid pace of technology: the Preferred Client Program and the Megachurch Client Program. These programs provide an unparalleled variety of options to ensure your software solutions are perpetually current and professionally supported.

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Whether online, offline, or wireless, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology's value for ministry. We provide management solutions to nearly 50,000 faith-based organizations with focused development and service efforts in 6 key areas: megachurches, medium/large churches, and small churches, organizations, schools, and the Catholic market. With leading brands Realm, ACS, PDS, and HeadMaster, ACS Technologies enables churches to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving.

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