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Outsource your contribution mailings to our team, and we'll take care of everything for you.

Take advantage of our Fulfillment services to handle the tedious details of contribution mailings. We'll print, sort, and CASS certify your mail to get you the lowest possible postage rates. Plus, we will supply the inventory to get the appropriate forms and envelopes to your members.

"As an office manager, I am responsible for the church mailings. Using ACS Technologies Forms and Supplies, I was able to complete a mailing in less than a half a day as opposed to the several weeks it took me before!”

— Nancy, Florida

Charitable Statement Mailing Service

Saves your staff a ton of time!

If you are having trouble finding the resources to print your statements, stuff them, sort them and CASS certify them, then you should consider outsourcing your contribution mailings. By uploading your files to the ACS Fulfillment Services team, we conveniently prepare and send your Flex Statements and Charitable Contributions Reports monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. This is a special service only offered to clients enrolled in either the Preferred Client Program or Megachurch Client Program.

  • Handles the printing, stuffing, and mailing of statements for you
  • Saves money by combining orders for a lower postage rate
  • Eliminates the need for you to inventory statement materials
  • Conserves your staff time for other projects
  • Includes all the material - forms, envelopes, printing, stuffing, postage, and mailing

Tithing Envelope Service

Increases contributions by 10-20%!

Send tithing envelopes automatically through the ACS Monthly Mailing Program. A great time-saver for your members who choose to sign up for this service. Just send us the names, addresses, and envelope numbers from your ACS programs. The next month’s offering envelopes are sent directly to member homes. Regular mailings give members an ongoing reminder of their commitment to the church. With the Monthly Mailing Program, you can adjust your mailing list as needed.

  • Relieve budget strain and improve cash flow
  • Eliminate storage and distribution problems
  • Increase member participation and communication within the church
  • Keep the congregation aware of special giving opportunities with special envelopes for Building Funds, Mission Giving, Easter Offering, and others
Take advantage of these services today!
Call 1-800-669-2509

Speak to a representative about pricing and setup information. Be sure to identify yourself as an ACS Preferred or Megachurch client.

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