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Ministry Implementation

Hands on assistance from people with years of ministry experience.

Implementation starts with your ideas and questions, then we design a solution that fits your needs. By working with you and your staff, we'll plan, put together, and launch a successful solution for your organization. You’ll be prepared to use the software effectively.

“ACS Technologies is our ministry partner. They ensure that the technology works for our church and its unique mission and not the other way around.”

— John, Plymouth Church, NY

Tap Into Our Expertise

Every church has particular needs and we never lose sight of what your ministry goals are. All of our experts are experienced pastors, ministers, or church business administrators. You can rely on us to help your church achieve bigger and better things.

Hands-on Assistance

Our experts are with you from start to finish. This is how it works:

1) Listen. The first thing we do is learn about your church and what you envision for the future. Then, can we begin to design a solution that will work for you.

2) Assess. We look at the goals, needs, and processes of your organization and work with you to develop the best solution.

3) Plan. We develop a plan to introduce your solution to your church. We recommend a training plan to teach your team effective ways to gather and use your data. We work with you to identify new processes, implement them, and brainstorm new strategies.

4) Train. We train any staff members or users you request to use your ACS solution. We offer one-on-one web event sessions, an onsite visit from a certified trainer, training school classes, or online courses.

5) Launch. We successfully launch your solution. Your church staff is aware of the new software and processes in place, and knows how to use them.

6) Follow-Up. Once you’ve been using your software and processes a while, we’ll check in with you to see how it’s going. If there’s anything that can be improved or any extra consultancy needed, we’re here to help.

Our goal is to make sure that we implement the best solution for you.

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