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Software and Services for Catholic and Orthodox Organizations

Parish Data System (PDS) has been the leading developer of Catholic and Orthodox Church software solutions since 1978, meeting the needs of more than 9000 parishes, schools, and dioceses worldwide. We attribute our success to the fact that we know how parishes and dioceses work because PDS was created for the Catholic Church by a Catholic priest.

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PDS Version 9 - Press Release

PDS remains the most used Catholic Church software for a reason. It has more functionality than any other software because it was designed for Catholic and Orthodox Churches with their unique Sacramental and Diocesan requirements in mind. Plus, with PDS OnDemand you can get all the great PDS features you love in the cloud to work anytime, anywhere. Find out more about what PDS can do for you.

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PDS Complete - The Best of Software and Support in One

PDS Complete is the bundling of all our best values in one package for you. It has more of everything most parishes and dioceses want: always the latest version of PDS, cloud-based use of the software, and the top rated industry support we are famous for providing. Learn more about this complete software and support opportunity.

Proud to Serve the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Exciting New Day - Catholic Parishes

Realm® is our newest, 100% cloud-based mobile solution that has administration, accounting, and community all in one. It enables staff to work more efficiently with all the tools they need with access from anywhere in total security, and parishioners can connect throughout the week in a single communications platform using desktop, tablet, or their mobile phone. Check out a free demo.

Proud to Serve the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Get Ready Diocese - Big Developments Just for You

Realm Network™ is gaining momentum and popularity. It's the all new, 100% web-based diocesan solution that will help connect and manage all levels of your ministry. It enables highly collaborative data management between your diocesan office and your associated churches and parishioners. This new 'one-of-kind' integrated technology is sure to improve the way you do administration and ministry. Interested in learning more? Email us at

  • Thousands of Happy Clients

    PDS is used in more than 9000 parishes, private schools, and dioceses across the US, making it the top choice for Catholic and Greek Orthodox church software and services. Clients love that they can connect and do their job from anywhere with PDS OnDemand.

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Software alone can’t do it all. It’s really about people. We’ve got the largest support team in the industry, and we have a passion for church ministry. Our support staff is an extension of your ministry team, and we look forward to helping you change lives. We offer excellent training options, friendly support, and helpful advice from our experienced ministry consultants.

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    We provide you with all the training you need to empower your staff and lay leaders to make the most of PDS.

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    Enrollment in the preferred client program is included with your subscription. Call us or email us any time if you need help.

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    We do the nerdy stuff to make sure your technical details are in sync. We get in, connect it, and get out. No sweat!

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We have learned a lot by working with thousands of churches over the past three decades, and we would love to share what we know with you. Simply tell us about your most critical ministry goals, and we’ll give you some insight into how others are approaching the same thing.

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