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Administration - Membership Records

Parishioner Records

People are the heart and soul of your organization.

Understanding and managing the information about the people in your parish is crucial. You need to understand critical member information to efficiently manage donor activity, track and coordinate people and program participation, and simplify communications.

  • Know your members' history, current contact data, and family relations
  • Quickly produce personalized emails or merged letters
  • Create a pictorial directory for all members or a ministry group
  • Quickly map routes to homes of all first-time visitors for your visitation team
  • Save time and money on monthly mailings with bulk mail options
  • Be able to access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Generate census reports to learn more about your members
Administration - Stewardship of Contributions

Stewardship of Contributions

Tools for proper management of giving.

Your church's finances are the lifeblood of your ministry; therefore, it is essential that you can raise funds, track contributions, and offer easy options for giving. You need to develop, manage, and track your contributions and stewardship programs with complete confidence. Keep track of an unlimited number of contribution details, run fundraising campaigns more effectively, and give your members more ways to donate — both online or off.

  • Track all of your contributions
  • Enhance your stewardship of funds
  • Accept one-time and recurring gifts online or off
  • Send personalized letters and giving history records
  • Produce customized contribution reports
 Administration - Religious Education

Religious Education

Transform the management of your R.E. programs.

Your church's Religious Education programs are key to the spiritual formation of the members of your parish faith community. You strive to provide the best possible R.E. for your parish community focusing at every level on catechesis, fellowship, service and prayer, and community services.

  • Generate printed certificates for different sacraments
  • Publicize class opportunities, schedules, and registration deadlines
  • Communicate with families via text, email, or printed materials
  • Use a phone or tablet to look up information "on the go"
  • Provide payment flexibility
  • Track student enrollment, attendance, service and permanent records
  • Ensure proper background checks for all adults
  • Track professional backgrounds and catechist certifications
  • Quickly create personalized communications
Engagement - Sacramental Register

Sacramental Register

Conveniently search an electronic database of all your sacramental records.

The PDS Sacramental Register™ is a helpful addition to the PDS Office programs that makes it easy for you to quickly locate entries in your written registers and helps preserve your valuable records.

  • Electronically store all your sacramental register information
  • Quickly search your database any time from any where
  • Easily post new information
  • Store and display Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Marriage, and Death records in a format similar to your physical registers
  • Find specific entries using several filtering and search options
Administration - Booking Rooms and Equipment

Booking Rooms and Equipment

Remove the worry of scheduling conflicts for your church’s events and facilities.

With PDS Facility Scheduler™, you can simplify the most complex scheduling processes, eliminate conflicts, and maintain regular communication with facility users. The result is that you never overbook or forget key details such as setup or cleanup requirements.

  • Painless scheduling of rooms and equipment
  • Communicate schedules more efficiently
  • Review your effectiveness with powerful reporting
  • Control who can access or update information
Administration - Coordinating Minister Schedules

Coordinating Minister Schedules

Easily coordinate and assign ministers for various functions at weekend or daily liturgies.

PDS Ministry Scheduler is a flexible and customizable solution for scheduling masses, allowing the administrator to establish preferences and adjust for conflicts. Take the chaos out of ministry scheduling with PDS Ministry Scheduler.

  • Schedule and coordinate ministers
  • Enable ministers to access upcoming schedules on their phone
  • Straightforward mass setup
  • Customizable program options save you time
  • Multiple options for setting preferences and scheduling rules
  • Automatically or manually determine rotations
  • Generate reports and print specific schedules

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