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Diocesan offices operate as information hubs, sending information to and receiving information from its organizations. By standardizing your parishes on Parish Data System, you can automate the exchange of up-to-date family and financial information between your diocese and your parishes. Spend less time on administration and more time on decision-making.

Diocese - Parish Communication

Maintain Accurate Diocesan Information

Keep all of your critical diocese information updated and accessible.

Eliminate hours of data entry by collecting records electronically. PDS DioOffice™, coupled with PDS DioOffice Server™, helps your diocese maintain up-to-date contact records by enabling your parishes to exchange the most current contact information over the Internet with your diocese.

  • Track diocesan departments, organizations, personnel
  • Automatically synchronize contact databases between your diocesan office and parishes
  • Review submitted information and accept or reject the changes
  • Manage a wide range of contacts and pledge entries, monitor statuses, and support mail campaigns
  • Choose from a variety of reports, lists, letters, statements, and exports
  • Quickly create and respond to communication and fundraising initiatives
Diocese - Development and Communication

Conveniently Connect to The Raiser's Edge

Focus your efforts on fundraising, stewardship, and communication—not tracking down data.

Keeping accurate and up-to-date contact information is a challenge facing any diocesan office. Parishes constantly evolve as members come and go. Attempts at effective communication using old or incomplete databases result in needless time spent and money wasted.

  • Quickly gather and synchronize names and addresses from your parishes
  • Maintain all diocese information in one synchronized database
  • Pulls information from both PDS Church Office and ACS People (Realm coming soon)
Diocese - Consolidating Parish Financials

Consolidate Parish Financials from PDS Ledger™, QuickBooks™ and Realm Accounting

Timely and accurate financial reporting is essential to the operation of a healthy diocese.

Financial accountability begins with reliable accurate data, which is why we developed PDS Financial Solution. It combines a reporting tool for parishes with an application for the Diocese to receive and consolidate the reports for easy review and analysis.

  • Enable your organizations to easily upload their financial reports
  • Consolidate parish reports and chart of accounts
  • Filter a specific account for analysis
  • Prepare for year end closing
  • Create a variety of reports and export for further analysis

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