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PDS Church Office (Stewardship)

Tools to facilitate stewardship and efficient tracking of contributions.

PDS Church Office handles all of your contribution information and provides the tools needed for comprehensive gift, donation, and fund management—plus a free guide to cultivate stewardship. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving history and can even track progress toward fulfilling a capital campaign pledge. PDS Church Office includes support for most EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) methods to give your contributors payment flexibility.

  • Contributions Tracking
  • Stewardship Enhancement
  • Customizable Letters & Reports
  • Unlimited Number of Records

Quick and Accurate Processes

  • Post changes to contribution, family, and member data automatically in bulk or one record at a time.
  • Use the "Pledge Card" quick posting process to make the process of entering pledge cards and initial payments more efficient.
  • Save your Quick Post process selections for future use.
  • Use the one-time process for EFT payments when using Vanco.
  • Archive inactive records and get them out of your way.

Insightful Reports

  • Support your stewardship goals with pre-defined letters and reports specifically tailored for stewardship projects with the Stewardship Library of Reports.
  • Track contributions and contribution goals accurately, completely, and securely.
  • Design your own reports with content you define to meet your immediate needs.

"The Lord God planted a garden and placed there human persons to cultivate and care for it."

Gen. 2:8,15

Enhanced Stewardship

In addition to our personal response, we can cultivate our garden through our church and diocesan organizations and through external organizations. The U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Stewardship endorses the concept of stewardship as a faith response. As we make a commitment to a faith response, we also must have tools to help with the practical implementation of stewardship programs.

The pastor letter reminds us that to be a steward requires a total commitment to discipleship. The message challenges us to resist the pressures of our secular society and to devote ourselves to responding to the call to discipleship by cherishing our gifts, tending them and sharing them, and then returning our gifts with increase to the Lord.

The PDS User's Guide for Stewardship offers a comprehensive plan that includes a variety of time, talent, and treasure reports to help you plan, implement, and analyze your stewardship campaigns.

    • Design pledge mailing cards
    • Create financial stewardship letters
    • Track pledge progress
    • Sort members by ministries
    • Analyze the breakdown of pledges given
    • View family listing of pledges & payments
    • Create worksheets
    • Print sign up cards
    • Compare ministry involvement
    • Compile a ministry statistics summary
    • Print sorted listing of requested ministry key words
    • Generate stewardship letters with ministry information

Download the PDS User's Guide for Stewardship
PDS User's Guide for Stewardship

A comprehensive set of customizable letters and reports is also included in this guide to create a powerful tool that will help you keep parishioners well informed and actively involved in furthering the mission of the parish.

  • Gathering and reviewing preparatory information
  • Conducting a communication program
  • Implementing a follow-up call plan
  • Reviewing results through comparative reports

PDS User's Guide for Stewardship (375 KB, PDF)

The PDS User’s Guide for Stewardship is included as a FREE feature in the PDS Church Office™. Select the "Help" function from the menu at the top of your Church Office screen, then select “View the Stewardship Guide”. It comes with pre-written PDS Church Office EZ letters you can easily add and modify to fit your needs.

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