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The online companion to PDS Church Office.

PDS Connects™ enables your members and staff to manage their respective information online. This dynamic, two-way communication tool ensures you have your members' most up-to-date contact information and saves your staff data entry time while increasing donations with online giving and personalized contributions history.

  • Access Member Profiles Online
  • Improve Stewardship and Giving
  • Strengthen Communication

Password-Protected Access

  • All users must sign in with a username and password before they can view any data.
  • The administrator creates the staff user accounts and sets up their passwords. Staff can then change their own passwords.
  • When member users first register for PDS Connects, they must enter their first name, last name, suffix (if they have one) and email address as entered in PDS Church Office™. The member is then sent an email with their user
    name and password.
  • You may set up an unlimited number of user profiles to be used as permissions for various types of users, for example: ministry leaders and parishioners.

Communication and Connection

  • PDS Connects opens the door for anyone in your organization with assigned permissions and security to access personal information, update their profile and view the church directory.
  • Anyone with assigned permissions can access their profile information over the Internet anytime, anywhere.
  • By empowering your members to update their contact information, you are ensured a more current and accurate contact database.

Online Donations

  • Members can easily make donations over the Internet and rest assured that their contributions will reach your church safely with the secure online giving feature.
  • Members can also view their current and last years's contributions if your parish uploads the information. For transactions made online, they will always be viewable and are not dependent on your church maintaining that history.

Integrates with PDS Church Office

PDS Connects fully integrates with PDS Church Office. The administrator, or anyone with permission, can review all of the changes made by members in PDS Connects from within PDS Church Office. These changes can either be approved or rejected. All approved changes are committed to the data in PDS Church Office, and then the data is uploaded to the Web. This ensures the data on the Web mirrors that in PDS Church Office.


Keeping membership records that include personal information secure is an important responsibility. We understand you have placed your trust in us and we take this responsibility very seriously. The PDS Connects system is protected so that your information remains secure.

  • All users must sign in with an id and password before they can get to any data.
  • The administrator creates the staff user accounts and sets up their passwords. Staff can then change them.
  • When members sign up for the first time through the Web site, they must enter their first name, last name, suffix (if they have one) and email address. All of this must match the information you have in your database. The member is then sent an email with their id and password. This keeps people from being able to go in and sign up as someone else since the email is sent the actual member in the record, not the person trying to sign in.

How do I sign up for PDS Connects?

If you have additional questions or to signup for PDS Connects please contact Sales at 1-800-892-5202.

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