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PDS Development Connection

Create synergy between the diocese and parishes.

PDS Development Connection™ allows your diocese to discover new families sooner and take advantage of the constant stream of changes originating in the churches. This product is a plug-in component to Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge™ and works along with PDS DioOffice Server™ to provide the capability of automating additions, changes and deletions of name and address information from parishes using PDS Church Office™ into The Raiser's Edge, and for Dioceses to send changes for review to parishes. This tool gives you the potential to increase mailing effectiveness and reduce the number of pieces of returned mail saving you time, money, and resources.

  • Synchronize Databases
  • Create Synergy
  • Automate Updates
  • Increase Mailing Effectiveness

Customizable to Fit Your Unique Needs

  • Style transformation tables and address definition options provide translation formats from PDS Church Office for names and addresses.
  • You may define prefix and suffix styles for transformation for more control over Raiser's Edge database format. For example, change every instance of Mister in the name to the prefix Mr.
  • Select address types, mailing names, and formal and informal salutations to properly translate addresses between PDS Church Office and The Raiser's Edge.
  • Select phone types and choose to upload phone numbers.

Upload Phone Numbers

  • PDS Church Office allows for unlimited phone numbers and phone types. The Development Connection includes an option to upload these phone numbers into the constituent record.
  • Phone numbers will be added in the priority order as listed in PDS Church Office to the extent allowed by The Raiser's Edge.

Synchronize Databases with Parishes

  • Head of family and spouse name, address, e-mail, and phone number information is synchronized with The Raiser's Edge.
  • When a new church is synchronized to an existing constituent, new addresses are created for that church only. Existing addresses are not modified in any way.
  • Duplicates are matched based on the criteria setup in The Raiser's Edge. The PDS Development Connection presents possible matches and duplicates for review prior to updating data.

Manage Changes

  • Changes to data are presented in review windows prior to any upload or download of information. You always have a choice to accept, ignore, or reject the changed data.
  • There is a feature to let you enter follow-up remarks with the constituent record in PDS Development Connection. The follow-up remarks are kept within the constituent record as a reminder for any action that you would like to perform on the data. Data in the process of synchronization cannot be acted upon until it is resident in the database.
  • Families who are no longer connected to a church can be managed as inactive.

Merge Constituent Records

Use this function after you have merged constituent records in The Raiser's Edge. This allows the merged record to maintain its synchronization with PDS Church Office and other programs using the DioOffice Server™.

Part of PDS Development and Communications Solution™

The PDS Development Connection is part of the PDS Development and Communications Solution. This enables dioceses to synchronize family information with parishes and schools so you can focus on fundraising, stewardship, and communication efforts.

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