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Synchronize key contact information and data among your parishes, schools, and diocese.

To facilitate effective fundraising and communications, it is vital to have consistent and accurate contact databases across your parishes, schools, and diocese. PDS DioOffice™, coupled with PDS DioOffice Server™, helps your diocese maintain up-to-date contact records by enabling your parishes and schools to exchange the most current contact information over the Internet with your diocesan offices. This program helps your diocese to know and interact with your parishes and schools, even as they grow and change, and facilitate effective fundraising and communications.

  • Diocesan-wide Communications
  • Synchronize Key Data
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Simplify Campaigns

Synchronize Key Information

  • PDS DioOffice enables your diocese to quickly and easily synchronize family, personnel, and other key information with parishes, schools, plus other organizations and diocesan departments.
  • Typically, a parish will use PDS Church Office™ to submit additions, changes, and deletions of family name, address, e-mail, and phone number records on a regular basis. The parish then submits the data to the diocese by way of the PDS DioOffice Server.
  • For dioceses that have not standardized on PDS Church Office, the optional DioImport program can upload files from churches to the PDS DioOffice Server.
  • PDS DioOffice links to the PDS DioOffice Server to upload all additions, changes, and deletions made by the parish..
  • Diocesan users can detect potential matches and accept, ignore, or decline the submitted data. Once an action is selected, PDS DioOffice updates the constituent record with the appropriate information.
  • Diocesan users can make changes to names and addresses to maintain data consistency or to update information. The altered address and e-mail information is synchronized back to PDS DioOffice Server for review to be accepted or declined by the parish.
  • Track the Diocesan Appeal in PDS DioOffice and share results with the parishes or allow parishes to collect information directly and send it to the diocese.
  • Upload historical sacramental registers from parishes to PDS DioOffice.
  • Gather survey responses from parishes for analysis in PDS DioOffice.

Upload Church Member Details

Parishes using PDS Church Office can also upload the following optional member data to PDS DioOffice:

  • General information (name, relationship, birth date, etc.)
  • Safe environment
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Ministries
  • Photos
  • Communications
  • Sacrament data stored in PDS Sacramental Register

Manage Personnel Data

Use the personnel roster for quick access to contact information and details unique to particular roles. Track personnel records for:

  • Clergy and Religious
  • Staff and Volunteers
  • Teachers
  • Catechists

Create a Diocesan Directory

  • Maintain current information on diocesan departments, organizations, churches, schools, and other facilities and groups.
  • Quickly view hours, maps, and more from the Diocesan Directory.
  • Use the Diocesan Directory Listing to quickly view a list of all institution records in your PDS DioOffice program.
  • Record the hire date, termination date, reason for termination, and benefits eligibility for all your personnel.
  • Record the place of birth, date of death, drivers license number, and alternate ID card information for clergy and religious personnel.
  • Track personnel information such as the amount of hours they work on assignments per week as well as the salary or hourly rates they receive.

Facilitate Effective Communication

  • Quickly create mass mailings or conveniently e-mail directly from the program.
  • Save time by printing rolodex cards, coupons, letters, and mailing labels directly from the program.
  • Quickly CASS certify your mailing addresses with the add-on of CASS IT!, an automated online service which certifies your bulk mailing addresses accurately and efficiently.

Simplify Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals

  • Select from predefined funds and activities or customize your own.
  • View campaign progress for all funds and churches on one screen.
  • Quickly post pledge card data using batch entry.
  • Support electronic giving via credit cards or direct account debits.
  • Conveniently send payment reminders directly from the program.
  • Manage your office effectively and meet all federal regulations with tax reports, billing reminders, overdue notices, giving statements, and numerous reports within the program.
  • Analyze financial data based on a wide range of criteria.
  • Optionally share financial information originating in DIoOffice with parishes or send financial data from parishes to the diocese.

Powerful Reporting

  • Quickly view key data with the dashboard, a customizable, statistics-at-a-glance feature that lets you readily track the data that most interests you.
  • Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate for analysis.
  • Design your own reports with content you define to meet immediate needs.
  • Use Easy Reports and simply select the fields you want to print.
  • Export reports for further analysis.

Customizable Security

  • The most important quality of a database is the security of the information entrusted to you. With PDS DioOffice, you have the peace of mind in choosing who has access to each specific part of your data.
  • Link your Windows or PDS OnDemand username to your PDS username to create a single sign-on experience.

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