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Create and maintain accurate financial records.

PDS Ledger™ simplifies the administrative tasks of financial management by providing a full accounting solution for your parish. This program helps your office comply with IRS and FASB requirements. From organizing a unique chart of accounts to running annual reports, PDS Ledger removes the worry and hassle from bookkeeping, allowing you to do your job quickly and efficiently.

  • Income and Expense Statements
  • Budget Reports
  • Visual Chart of Accounts

User-Defined Chart of Accounts

Organize your data the way you need to keep track of it. With PDS Ledger, it’s simple to keep track of your church’s accounting records:

  • General Information – Record basic account information and assign types to each account, such as asset, liability, income, or expense.
  • Actuals – Keep track of up to eight years of cash-basis or accrual-basis account balances.
  • Budget – Maintain an easy listing of monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget information for income and expense accounts.
  • Comparatives – Compare the actuals or budget amounts of each account to amounts from past years.
  • Transaction History – Keep excellent records of the transactions associated with each account.
  • Automatic Distribution – Specify rules for transactions to be divided among several accounts automatically.
  • Check Numbers – Assign sequential check numbers automatically.
  • Import External Data – Use the Import Data from Payroll Company feature to save time entering your payroll details when using:
  • Import Internal Data – Import contribution information directly from:

Meets IRS and FASB Regulations

PDS is regularly updated to conform with IRS and FASB regulations, so you can rest assured that you are meeting all current federal requirements.

Diocesan Reporting

When used as part of the PDS Diocesan Financial Solution, you can electronically share financial data with the Diocese.

Processes Tailored for Speed and Precision

  • Connect important documents with transactions, vendors, income sources, fixed assets, and employees.
  • Set alerts that will warn you if there is not enough cash available for selected checks.
  • Enter invoices and print checks from your computer.
  • Use the reprint check option for added convenience.
  • Zoom in on listing screens for a larger view and easier reference.
  • Create a personalized favorites menu with your most commonly used links.
  • Easily locate data with color-coded Actuals and Budget tabs in Chart of Accounts.
  • Quickly get help in field selections with the on-screen assistant or with the Online Wiki-based Help System.
  • Quickly file state and federal tax forms online with PDS Tax E-File™, an optional service available within your PDS software.

Customizable Security

The security of the information entrusted to you is as important as the quality of the database. With Ledger, you have the peace of mind of choosing who has access to each specific part of your data.

Powerful Reporting

  • Choose from dozens of pre-defined reports to generate lists and comparisons for analysis.
  • Design your own reports to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Use Easy Reports to simply select the fields you want to print.
  • Export reports to Microsoft® Excel® or Open Office Calc spreadsheets.
  • Graph actual or budget totals for any account.
  • Print Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activity reports to quickly see your financial position.
  • Prepare budgets using spreadsheets. Export your current actuals to a file. Share the file with others for input/feedback. Once the budgets have been finalized, quickly import them back into the program.

Compatible with Other PDS Solutions

  • Extract contribution totals from PDS Church Office™ and PDS Formation Office without having to log into these programs.
  • If your diocese uses PDS DioView™, you can upload your financial data to your diocese automatically over the Internet, making reporting as simple as a click of the mouse.
  • Take the hassle out of managing your office's payroll with the optional integrated PDS Ledger/Payroll™ program. This payroll program enables you to quickly prepare payroll for salaried, hourly, exempt, and contract employees.
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  • Account Overview

    The Accounting Overview screen lets you see your financial health at a glance. Quickly review the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activity, General Ledger, and Cash Flow reports. Other financial reports are available through the reports menu.

  • Account Selections

    Quickly select accounts to print by number, name or other criteria.

  • Bank Accounts

    The Bank Accounts screen connects ledger accounts to specific bank accounts. Easily reconcile multiple ledger accounts in a single bank account.

  • COA Actuals

    See several years totals at a glance on the Actuals screen.

  • COA Explorer

    The COA Explorer makes it easy to visualize the structure of your chart of accounts.

  • COA Graph Trends

    Graph the actual or budget figures for any account.

  • Disbursement

    Any transaction can be easily split across several accounts.

  • Documents

    Connect supporting documents to screens.

  • Enter Budgets

    The program can calculate a proposed budget based on either your current budget or actual figures.

  • Getting Started Checklist

    A Getting Started Checklist guides new users through the initial configuration process.

  • Outstanding Invoices List

    Let the Ledger alert you to past due or upcoming invoices.

  • Reconcile

    The Bank Reconciliation process includes the ability to print a list of both outstanding and reconciled checks and deposits.

  • Search

    Quickly find any entry.

  • Select Invoices

    The Print Checks process shows how much money will be left in the cash account after the selected checks are presented for payment.

  • Payroll

    To see screenshots of the Payroll feature, please go to the PDS Ledger/Payroll page.