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PDS Ledger/Payroll

Make payday painless with payroll management.

Take the hassle out of preparing and managing your office’s payroll with PDS Ledger/Payroll™. This program integrates with PDS Ledger™, enabling you to quickly prepare payroll for salaried, hourly, exempt, and contract employees. It calculates all the necessary taxes and voluntary deductions, prints paychecks, and generates monthly, quarterly, and annual government and office reports. And with the simple reporting tool, you can create any number of reports on employees. Make your end-of-month, end-of-quarter, and end-of-year processing easier.

  • Multiple Cost Centers
  • Customize Additions and Deductions
  • Print W2's and 941's
  • Track vacation and sick leave, as well as worker's compensation
  • Ability to print and electronically file forms for the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Quick and Easy Tax Reports

  • Tax time doesn't have to be taxing any more.
  • Quickly fill out and print W-2s for regular employees and 1099s for contract employees.
  • Print federal 941, W-2, W-3, and 1096 reports. The program understands the special rules about handling differences between the IRS and SSA for clergy compensation.
  • PDS Tax E-File makes it easy to file federal and state forms electronically

User-Defined Chart of Accounts

PDS Ledger/Payroll goes beyond simple employee management and includes the full functionality of the robust PDS Ledger program. Organize a complete Chart of Accounts and base it on your organization's unique needs.

  • Cash or accrual basis accounting
  • Budgets
  • Checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Transactions
  • And much more…

Simple Employee Management

Keep track of all your employees and each of their positions. With the user-friendly screens, easily add address and contact information, pictures, evaluations, benefits, and tax information for one or multiple positions per employee. Easily accrue vacation and sick time.

Easy End-of-Period Processing

  • PDS is regularly updated to conform with IRS regulations, so you can rest assured that you are meeting all current federal requirements. PDS posts all federal and state tax table changes as they occur so that you can download all updates quickly and easily. The program automatically offers to download updated federal and state tax tables before printing paychecks. These downloads are free for PDS Preferred Client Program members.
  • With PDS Ledger/Payroll, there is no hassle in processing information for each reporting period.
  • Monthly Processes – Automate the calculation of wages, withholdings, salaries, tax liabilities, and benefits each month as necessary.
  • Quarterly Processes – Eliminate labor and cost by creating and printing federal and state reports.
  • Yearly Processes – Easily print W-2s and 1099s for your employees at the end of each year. In addition, you can print federal, state, and local reports in a snap.

Customizable Security

The security of the information entrusted to you is as important as the quality of the database. With PDS Ledger/Payroll, you have the peace of mind of choosing who has access to each specific part of your data.

Extensive Reporting

PDS Ledger/Payroll includes all of the extensive reports available in PDS Ledger, including accounting, transaction, invoice, and fixed asset reports among many others. The program also includes exclusive employee and paycheck reports so that you can manage your staff operations easily and efficiently.

  • Select from dozens of pre-defined reports or design your own.
  • The Easy Report option allows you to simply select the fields you want to print.
  • Export reports to Microsoft® Excel® or Open Office Calcspreadsheets.

Employee Self Service (ESS)*

  • Publish employee pay history, and time-off information to a secure site. Current and prior calendar years available.
  • Employees can login and view personal information.

*Requires PDS Ledger/Payroll version 7.5 A or higher

Compatibility with Other PDS Solutions

  • Compatible with PDS Church Office™ and PDS Formation Office™, enabling you to import contribution records from each program.
  • If your diocese uses PDS DioView™, you can upload your financial data automatically over the Internet, making reporting as simple as a click of the mouse.
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  • Ledger Payroll 941

    Simplify the process of printing paychecks, 941's, W-2's, and 1099's.

    This is a Payroll screen. More screenshots are available with PDS Ledger.

  • Dependent Care Setup

    Configuration screens for Dependent Care ensure that limit rules are enforced accurately.

    This is a Payroll screen. More screenshots are available with PDS Ledger.

  • Group-Term Life Insurance Setup

    Support for Group-Term Life Insurance calculations.

    This is a Payroll screen. More screenshots are available with PDS Ledger.

  • Print Paychecks

    The Print Employee Paychecks process now shows when paychecks were last issued.

    This is a Payroll screen. More screenshots are available with PDS Ledger.


    The QTD/YTD Totals screen now allows you to see more quarters at a glance and you can choose which year to display.

    This is a Payroll screen. More screenshots are available with PDS Ledger.