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Introducing Realm

It's a new day for Catholic church software.

There's nothing wrong with traditional software. It currently powers the ministry of thousands of parishes and adequately handles the administration of active, thriving church offices. But it's time to see what else is possible for parishes using the latest mobile and online technologies.

  • Mobile


  • 100% Online

    100% Online

  • Rapid Development

    Rapid Development

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    Easy to Use

  • Pay as You Go

    Pay as You Go

We're moving forward without leaving anyone behind.

Realm's ready when you are.

PDS is still a viable solution for parishes. We're not trying to talk anyone out of it. But whether you are a PDS client or a prospective church feeling the itch to move to something modern and new, Realm is the natural choice. It's 100% online and offers a handy mobile app for your entire parish to use, from staff to guest.

  • Parishioner Profiles

    Your parish staff can manage all profile information, define custom fields, associate family members, and track sacraments.

  • Ministry Scheduling

    Coordinate how ministers connect and guide people through your parish's processes like sacraments, membership, youth protection, and volunteer positions.

  • Integrated Accounting

    Manage financial data using Realm's integrated chart of account system to track transactions, set budgets, pay invoices, and run reports.

  • Online Giving

    Assigned staff can set up funds, enter batch contributions, view reports, and send out statements via email or mail.

  • Sacramental Tracking

    Select which sacraments you want to track, print baptismal certificates, and easily migrate your existing sacramental data to Realm.

  • Online Events

    People can self-register, RSVP on the Connect mobile app, invite lists of people, and coordinate all the little details.

  • Groups

    Define your ministry areas and then create small groups, build teams, and assign leaders under the oversight of a specific ministry area.

  • Communication

    Communicate more efficiently with parish-wide announcements, targeted emails, group posts, and direct messages.

  • Reporting

    Realm provides the data points that matter and gives you flexibility to discover the insights that will impact your ministry.

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Connect your parish like never before.

  • The mobile app conveniently connects your staff AND parishioners throughout the week.

    After you have Realm going at your parish, your staff and parishioners can download the "Connect - Our Church Community" mobile app to connect with each other any time. It requires being on the Realm Connect plan or better and is available for iOS and Android devices.


Let's talk about your options.

It's not about what we've built. It's about what meets your needs best. Realm may not be right for every parish, so we'd love the opportunity to connect you with one of our ministry experts. Then we can discuss your current ministry goals and what challenges your staff faces every day.

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