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What is CASS It!? What does it do?

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System. CASS certification of addresses is required by the United States Postal Service in order to qualify bulk mailings. When you CASS certify, addresses are standardized, physical addresses are corrected, and ZIP+4 is added. CASSing ensures that the address is valid; however it does not look at names and determine if that individual is still at that address

How do I prove that my addresses are CASS certified?

The PS Form 3553 is the official postal report that displays your CASS validation period (the dates for which your CASS certification is valid).

How often do I CASS certify?

The USPS require CASS certification within 90 days before the mailing date for all carrier route mailings, and 180 days before the mailing date for all non-carrier route automation price mailings. However you will receive the largest discounts if you CASS certify prior to each bulk mailing. The reason for this is if you have had address changes or additions since your last mailing, these addresses are not certified and will be categorized at higher mailpiece rates. If you CASS certify prior to each mailing, you optimize all your addresses to receive the lowest mailpiece rate available for that address.

How can CASS It! save me money?

CASS It! certifies your addresses to help you qualify for a postage discount. You could qualify for a ZIP + 4 Code, 5-digit ZIP Code, Delivery Point, or Carrier Route discount. Visit our Postage Savings Calculator to enter in your mailing information to see if Bulk Mailing can save your money. For more in-depth information and analysis, use the United States Postal Service's® Interactive Decision Tree to help you decide which mailing options would work best for you and save you the most money

What is NCOA processing? Why is this required

NCOA stands for National Change of Address. NCOA processing is a way to become compliant with new USPS Move Update standards. The Move Update takes effect November 23, 2008 and requires any organization that send Standard bulk mail or first class mail for less than 42 cents a piece to keep an accurate address list. This means that the occupant name associated with an address must be correct. The Move Update requires you to update your bulk mailing list at least every 95 days. CASSing does not meet the Move Update requirement. CASSing only validates the address, it does not determine if the individual is still at that address. One of the methods to meet the Move Update is NCOALink. The ability to NCOA certify your address data is now included in your PDS Office software when you own the PDS CASS It module. NCOA is a separate option from CASSing your data, but works similarly. Before doing your first NCOA processing, Parish Data Systems will provide a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) for you to sign and fax to our processing service. This form gives permission to access the appropriate directories. The cost for NCOA processing is $5.00 per 1000 records (.5 cents per record). The cost is incurred at time of processing and will be included in your next invoice. This is a pay per use service.

What is Geocoding?

When addresses are CASS certified, the Latitude and Longitude values will be returned at as part of the address record. This data can be used with your choice of 3rd party mapping software.

Is CASS It, NCOA, and Geocoding beneficial if I don’t bulk mail?

CASS certifying, NCOA processing, and Geocoding are all methods to update your addresses. If you have a need for address standardization, keeping addresses up to date with moving individuals, or the desire to have latitude and longitude mapping fields for your addresses, these services are a cost efficient solution.

What is the Pricing for CASS It!, NCOA, and Geocoding?

$395 initial cost of module. Monthly subscription rate is tiered by the number of addresses processed each month:

  • $30.00 / month for 0 - 5,000 addresses
  • $37.00 / month for 5,001 - 10,000 addresses
  • $47.25 / month for 10,001+ addresses

NCOA processing is available for an additional $5 per 1,000 addresses. This is a pay per use service. They don’t have to order this as a module, they will receive the ability to use this service with the purchase of CASS It. Nothing special has to be done on the CASS It order form.

Geocoding is available for an additional $15.00 per month. Clients must order this as a module. They have to own CASS It! in order to purchase Geocoding. Geocoding is done as a part of the CASS process, so CASS It! is required.

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