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PDS OnDemand FAQs

Access your data online whenever and wherever you need it.

“We love PDS OnDemand. We can use it at home, anywhere you can get to a computer. It’s very nice. I love that you’ve got it all at your fingertips.”

— Etta, Alexandria, LA

What does PDS OnDemand include?

PDS OnDemand is a hosted solution that enables you to perform all of the functions of your desktop software over the Internet. This flexible and secure solution is maintained by ACS Technologies IT professionals. All maintenance services, such as program updates and data backups, are automatically performed for you. With PDS OnDemand, you can expand your office walls and access all your PDS applications in an affordable, low maintenance, secure, and flexible package.

  • 24/7 access with private, individual logins for your staff
  • Free enrollment in the Preferred Client Program
  • Automatic PDS software revisions and upgrades
  • Daily off-site data backups and disaster recovery plan
  • Data conversion services to import information from your current system
Can OnDemand enable me to work remotely on a PC, Mac, or iPad?

Yes, work from virtually anywhere you can get a broadband connection. With OnDemand, PDS is not installed on your staff person's individual computer. Instead, your staff does their work remotely over the Internet. This is possible by accessing a hosted version of PDS. (Hosted means we set up a computer for the user to access, plus we will do all the operating system updates, hardware maintenance, and version upgrades for you.) All your staff needs to do is log in.

Can I set up different people with different levels of access?

Yes, you have complete control over your staff's access. Administrators, leaders, and any other assigned staff in your organization are only given access to the data and PDS applications they need to do their job at their convenience. Assigned staff members are given logins to allow them, and only them, to access PDS OnDemand. The system cannot be accessed without a valid username and password.

Am I responsible for updating the software when new versions come out?

Nope. As a hosted solution, PDS OnDemand is maintained by ACS Technologies Network Professionals, who apply updates, manage backups, and configure security. In addition, all data stored in PDS OnDemand is backed up daily and sent to a secure off-site storage facility. With OnDemand, you'll avoid the IT costs typically associated with maintaining a ChMS's hardware and software.

How do I get our current information into PDS?

Our data experts will help you get your information into PDS. A standard data conversion service is included with the purchase of the PDS OnDemand service. Our team will work with you to import files from your present software, database, or Excel files into PDS OnDemand. Advanced conversion upgrades are available.

Is it safe to be working on our data over the Internet?

Yes. Your data is always secure and diligently protected. We utilize the most up-to-date security technology, including data encryption, firewall protection, remote backups, secured hosting facility, and restricted server access to keep your information safe.

What about support? Is that extra?

It's not extra. All the support and services of the PDS Preferred Client Program are included in your PDS OnDemand service, including unlimited access to well-trained, knowledgeable support representatives during regular business hours, 24/7 access to the online Knowledge Base, and a selection of online self-paced training videos.

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