Brown Missionary
Baptist Church

Megachurch Connects Thousands
with Good Software



Southaven, MS
Baptist - Missionary

112 Community Groups added since launch

101 new group leaders since launch

17 new ministry areas developed




Brown Missionary Baptist Church is a church with a rich history. Former slaves started the church more than 135 years ago. Located in Southaven, MS, Brown Missionary Baptist Church has the unique opportunity to impact Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. They’re committed to exalting the Savior through worship, evangelizing the sinner through witnessing, and equipping the saints through discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.


With more than 10,000 members (and growing), an average weekly attendance of 5,000, and 2 campuses, they needed a way to keep everyone connected and moving forward together in their mission to impact their community. The staff members had to have a way to stay informed of the church’s health and the congregation needed a way to stay connected and moving forward in their mission throughout the week.

We have 10,000 members. A good shepherd knows his sheep. Without good software in a large church, it’s hard to know what’s happening. Realm connects us.

- Stephen Stellman, Pastor of Discipleship


Realm makes it easy for Brown Missionary Baptist to connect with thousands of congregants on a weekly basis through Groups and the Connect app. Each congregant can now stay connected with leaders and other members throughout the week, find new ways to get involved, and focus on ministry even when they’re outside the walls of the church. The staff at Brown Missionary Baptist no longer have to worry about visitors falling through the cracks because they now have mobile tools at their fingertips to engage and connect with every person who walks through their doors.

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