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Over 100 years old, Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA has spent decades committed to becoming a community of Christ-followers dedicated to changing the world. Their mission is to create a community of authentic Christ-followers committed to reaching the world. That mission comes into practice in their efforts to plant churches to reach lost communities. Friends Church has already planted 2 churches and has set the goal to plant 10 churches total by 2029, five English speaking and five Spanish speaking.

In a large church, to become a community, sometimes that can be difficult, but we work really hard to match our name 'friends.' We want everybody to be a friend. We want them to come in and feel like in this large place that they have a name and there's a God who loves them.

- Matthew Cork, Senior Pastor


The desire to create a community of believers starts with connecting people on a personal level. Friends Church needed to connect members, visitors, and staff in a meaningful way. That would require a reliable church management software that would enable them to build friendships and mentorships within small groups without letting anyone fall through the cracks or become disengaged from their fellow believers. Senior Pastor Matthew Cork says that without good systems in place, congregants very easily get disconnected from the church.


Realm changes the way Friends Church creates community by providing a simple, quick way for members to be communicated with, connected to, and prayed for through the news feeds, profiles, and groups. With Realm, Friends Church is able to accomplish what they set out to do: connect their people and build a community together. Through the Realm Connect app, it's become easier for members to connect, find life groups, register, and more in one place.

Before Realm, our systems weren’t capable of helping and assisting our people and empowering them to connect. The very best we can be has to start when our people log in so they can connect with us and we can connect with them.

- Matthew Cork, Senior Pastor

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