Redeemer Establishes Community,
Increases Engagement with Mobile Solution



Jacksonville, FL

19% increase in online giving

81.5% increase in group participation

19 ministry areas added since launch




Established in 1957 as a mission in a two-car garage, Redeemer Episcopal Church now serves more than 350 families and continues to grow as they reach their community in Jacksonville, FL. Redeemer directs many of its outreach efforts at being a friendly community where everyone is welcome to seek and be found by God. With a vision to love God and bring people to Christ, Redeemer looks to being a diverse and welcoming family of Christians to fulfill their ultimate goal.


With dozens of ways for members to get involved and a ministry team that is continually on the go with their various efforts to serve, Redeemer Episcopal Church needed a reliable, all-in-one tool to keep everyone connected throughout the week. It was vital in the life of the church to have something that will help them get the backend needs completed quickly and accurately so they could focus on sharing the life-giving way of Jesus with the residential communities surrounding them.

We benefit from being able to access contact information quickly and manage group messaging no matter where we are. Given the growing reliance on mobile phones, I can only imagine the use of the app continuing to become more widely used. It’s just too convenient.

- Judy Jackson, Parish Administrator


That’s when Redeemer Episcopal turned to Realm. They now depend on the new software solution to help them connect their members any time, any place so the ministry is never put on hold. In their continued efforts to show people the love of God, the Groups feature and the Connect mobile app have been especially helpful in establishing community and regularly helping groups exchange information and stay connected.

Where are they now?

As Redeemer Episcopal Church continues to grow and expand its ministry in the Jacksonville community, the staff and members are excited to have an easy-to-use tool ready to grow with them that will help them connect, communicate, and engage with members and visitors alike.

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