Spring Hills Baptist Church

SHBC Becomes Multi-Generational with
Multi-Platform Tool



Granville, OH
Baptist - SBC

29.6% increase in membership since launch in 2017

84% increase in number of Community Groups

70% of members using Realm




Founded in 1989, Spring Hills Baptist Church in Granville, Ohio, quickly found their calling when the church grew from 16 people to more than 1,000 in just 10 years. Now, SHBC stands as a beacon of light for the community with their focus on missions, community outreach, and developing connections with people as they strive to fulfill their vision of building generations for Christ.


SHBC has more than 44 ministry programs designed to serve all age groups within the church. In addition to all of those programs, SHBC recently opened a second campus in Utica, Ohio, and has a school, a preschool, and more than 1,000 volunteers to manage.

With the ultimate goal of becoming a multi-generational church focused on loving, living, and leading like Jesus, SHBC needed a tool that would enable them to connect and communicate with leaders, members, and visitors throughout the week while tracking discipleship progress and engagement. SHBC needed to unify everyone and to keep them moving forward toward reaching spiritual maturity without letting any of their 1,300+ weekly attendees fall through the cracks.

We’re really focused on building generations for Jesus Christ and are constantly honing our ministries to make sure we are serving all of the ages and backgrounds of our church family.

- Kathy Howell, Communications Coordinator


Realm helps the SHBC staff keep people progressing on their individual discipleship journeys. Using custom Pathways, staff, leaders, members, and volunteers can easily find their places to serve and grow individually and together as a church regardless of their age or experience with technology. Church leaders are able to view profiles on each member through the Realm Connect app and follow up with their congregants on a regular basis to make sure each person is connected and engaged with the church family.

Our lives are so incredibly busy that it's easy to get overwhelmed -- even at church. I love that I can use the Realm Connect app to keep organized. I can tithe, stay in touch with my small group, sign up for events, keep track of prayer requests, and so much more. This app is a great tool for church life.

- Kathy Howell, Communications Coordinator

Where are they now?

SHBC is growing members of the congregation by equipping them to become active disciples who go out into the world and love people like Jesus. They’re connecting with children and adults alike, and their ability to track each attendee’s development is helping them continue to improve their ministries to best reach all ages for the Gospel.

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