6 Easy Steps for Visitor Follow-up

Don't let visitors slip through the cracks.

With the right tools and a follow-up plan that works, you can proactively get your visitors involved. That’s where Realm® comes in. By placing visitors into a clearly defined pathway, you’re able to guide them purposefully toward next steps to becoming a fully connected member of your church body. So whether it’s a welcome email, a quick follow-up visit, or a meeting with your pastor, you’ll always know exactly where each new visitor is in your assimilation process. It’s automated but totally customizable, because we know a personal touch goes a long way.

Realm can help you:

  • Make a positive first impression so visitors feel welcome
  • Develop a defined pathway for every visitor who walks through your doors
  • Make a personal connection to help people get plugged in
  • Automate responses with personal touches
  • Create an accountable leadership structure to oversee actions
  • Establish a simple system to track and report on visitor follow-up

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