The City's features specifically enable the whole-life ministry of your whole church: administration, personal interaction, and public outreach.

Clean and Simple Administration

Manage information effortlessly.

Our design philosophy is to engage your church on the front-end and equip your staff to do the work they to do on the back-end. The City gives admins a clean and simple way to get the information they need.

Increase Giving

Enable online and mobile giving.

When churches use The City to facilitate online and mobile giving, electronic giving goes up significantly as a percentage of their giving. It includes donor management and connects directly to ACS.

Help People Plug In

Effectively connect with newcomers.

With The City, you can easily connect newcomers to someone, staff or volunteer, who can help move your visitors through an assimilation process and get the connected with the life of your church.

Manage All Kinds of Events

Manage successful events, large or small.

Coordinate all your event details, from registration to follow-up, in one place. The City combines the power of a solid event registration program with the fluid experience of an engaging social online community.

Enhance Your Children's Ministry

Connect with families through check-in.

Give families a smooth check-in experience. It checks children in, prints labels, and ensures they end up in the right place. Then follow it up with an invitation for deeper engagement within your church community.

Everywhere Communication

Keep everyone in the loop.

At its heart, The City is a communication platform. When you post something on The CIty, your message gets to the right people the way they prefer to receive it—like in an email or a push notifications to the mobile app.

Manage Key Processes

Move people through processes with ease.

The City gives you an organized way to help move people through the different stages of any process you have, from beginning to completion. It's a powerful tool that keep people engaged and your staff aware.

Tap into Your Volunteers

Grow your volunteer base.

Not only does The City help you manage your volunteers and get them matched to the right opportunities, it also helps you grow your volunteer base by making it easy to post needs and track the skills people possess.

Engage People with Groups

Provide essential connecting points for people.

Groups are a vital part of a person's engagement with your church, so we make it really, really easy for people to find them and get involved, whether it's inside The City or externally on your church website.

Send Direct Messages

Communicate with one-on-one messaging.

The City gives you the ability to send direct messages to people you know, whether you have their email address or not. People decided how they want to be contacted and which information is visible and to whom.

Be Mobile

Church can happen anywhere.

Today's church is a mobile church. The City App for Android or iOS helps you stay connected to church life, make donations, RSVP for events, invite people to join a group, and much more—anytime and anywhere.

Meet Practical Needs

Encourage people to serve each other.

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big impact, like giving a ride, delivering a meal, borrowing a truck, or cleaning a house. Whatever it is, The City gives people practical ways to extend a loving hand to those in need.

Maintain a shared church-wide calendar.

Keep your staff and members updated on what’s going on with calendars to organize meetings, events, and other group activities in your church.

Post classifieds in a secure environment.

Share housing availabilities, promote short-term missions fundraising, communicate employment opportunities, and more.

Build custom apps or plugins.

Create custom apps or plugins that can live in The City for your church or tap into one of our third party companies, such as eBible and iDonate.

What’s next?

If you are interesting in learning more about The City, please contact us. A ministry expert can walk you through the process and help you get started.

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