How It Works

Develop an online community where ministry naturally connects to real life. Your church stays informed, connected, and moving forward—together.


Keep church going between Sundays.

Church doesn't stop Monday morning. People get together throughout the week, communicate with each other, and share life's adventures everyday. It's already happening whether you are in the middle of it or not. The City fits into the existing social habits of the people in your church and gives them 24/7 mobile and online access to information about your church's news, people, groups, events, giving options, prayer requests, personal needs, direct messages, announcements, and more.

Provide appropriate levels of access.

Reach out to your local community.

The city automatically generates a public "Plaza" where visitors can get a sense of what is happening without requiring them to log in.

Engage your church behind a login.

The City is completely web-based, so people can access your community from any connected computer or from the native mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.

Assign specific abilities to your staff.

The City makes your staff more effective at what they do. Everyday tasks become more meaningful and rewarding, while personal interactions offer more insight into your church.

The City works with your ChMS.

Populate it with data.

Build community around information you already manage by populating it with data from ACS, PDS, or your current ChMS.

Customize its features with APIs.

The City comes with a large list of core features, but churches may create their own applications or plugins to live inside The City.

Don’t have a ChMS?

That’s ok too. We can spin up your online community without it or help you find a ChMS that matches your needs.

Follow a simple rollout plan.

Sign up and Customize

There’s a special area set aside for your staff to customize The City for your church. It also includes additional reporting, analytics, and data management features.

Import Data from your ChMS

Your ChMS and The City can work together and keep all your vital information in sync. As people engage with your church, you’re creating and updating information.

Pilot It with a Few Groups

Start inviting people to check it out, like staff and lay leaders. This gives you a chance to engage more people while building out events, conversations, prayer requests, and more.

Launch It!

When you’re ready to launch, you can publish a custom link on your website and incorporate it into your announcements. People go to your website for information and The City to connect.

What’s next?

If you are interesting in learning more about The City, please contact us. A ministry expert can walk you through the process and help you get started.

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