Take Advantage of Multiple Training Options

There are times when advice can really help you get a jump-start with some aspect of The City. It may be consulting with one of our experts to reach new levels of church engagement, or maybe learning what it takes to launch a new module well. Whatever the situation, everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Here's an overview of Training and Implementation options for The City customers.

Personalized Consultation

When you need small doses of training in specific areas, online, on-site, or phone training can be a cost-effective tool. An hour or two of phone training allows you to receive the answers you need and practice what you've learned. Or, you can request a City launch consultant to train your staff onsite.

Implementation and Consulting

Implementation starts with your church mission, your ideas, and your questions. Through concentrated phases, we'll help you and your staff plan and launch a successful solution tailored specifically for your organization. We'll prepare you to use The City effectively as well as help you improve your processes as a church.

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