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Case Study

Diversely Congregated Church Finds their Key to Connection

Columbia Baptist Church


Falls Church, VA



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Columbia Baptist church


Columbia Baptist Church was founded in 1856 by a group of 7 abolitionists, both men and women who wanted to establish a church in support of the newly freed slaves, even when abolition was illegal. They began in a small community and as years passed, the church continued growing eventually developing numerous programs dedicated to cultivating their community. The programs’ goals range from teaching multiple languages, to child development, and worldwide mission trips. Believing strongly in the power of opportunities, their mission is to ignite passion for Jesus Christ from metro Washington to the World.


With such a large and diverse group of church members to cater to, Columbia Baptist Church needed a way to keep everyone united and steadily outreaching into their community. Placing a strong emphasis on serving their community, they needed a way to more easily group and communicate among the congregation so that they could branch out and benefit the common good of their community. With two campuses and a weekly attendance of more than 1,000 each Sunday, they wanted to enhance their communication skills within the church so they could maintain a healthy presence, not only in the community, but inside the church, too.


Realm enabled Columbia Baptist Church to organize their staff in ways they hadn’t been able to before. They’re now able to create groups within the app that help them sort through each church organization and create a place for the members to communicate and share information about upcoming events, prayer requests, church curriculum. The staff at Columbia Baptist Church no longer worries about email distribution lists, or keeping up with correct contact information for their members, because the members are now able to update personal information on their own. Realm opened an entirely new avenue for connection and communication for everyone at Columbia Baptist Church.