Connecting denominations to their churches, organizations, and people.

Denominations, dioceses, conventions, associations, conferences, districts, synods, and presbyteries all use ACS solutions to provide higher quality leadership and services to their affiliated organizations. The data these solutions manage and share is the foundation for communication and statistical analysis that enables organizational offices to maintain accurate records, produce vital reports, and support the operations of their respective faith communities. So whether you want to increase contributions, improve Web ministry, step-up outreach, further connections, or expand volunteering, ACS has the solutions to help your ideas become a reality.

  • At last count, the ACS Technologies church client family is comprised of more than 80 different denominations and thousands of nonprofits — reflecting a diverse range of ethnicity, culture, philosophy and heritage. And yet with this diversity, all organizations have the same need to receive information from and send information to their participating organizations and memberships.

Take advantage of the solutions already in place within your organizations:

ACS Church Software


The #1 best-selling church management software and church accounting software ever.

ACS is our most comprehensive solution. It includes a broad range of features to solve the unique challenges of operating a ministry on a massive scale. ACS can be customized by mixing and matching modules to address your exact ministry goals and staff needs. Plus with multiple ways to connect to your information, ACS gives you the ability to track people’s involvement and manage your churches finances from virtually anywhere using a connected computer or mobile device.

  • Leverage a mutual connection to ACS's technology platform
  • Open a two-way flow of information between their office and affiliated organizations
  • Web and mobile access also available with Access ACS, and ACS Church Life

Store and track data about individual churches:

  • Church Statistical Reporting

    Record organizational basics such as church names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, date of incorporation, and staff records, and customize over 200 statistical entry fields to store the data you want to track. Then, illustrate membership trends over multiple years graphically and produce customized reports by church or date.

  • Stewardship

    It's a challenge for churches to consistently use contributions efficiently and make wise budget decisions. Learn how you can still do more with less if wise budget measures are in place.

Additional Service Options

ACS Technologies consistently receives top ranks in service levels above and beyond our competitors. We take a comprehensive approach toward providing solutions for your ministry and intentionally offer support, training, data services, and more to maximize the implementation of our industry-leading software. ACS Technologies is the ideal partner to help you reach your full ministry potential.


  • 24/7 Support

    Invite us to become part of your ministry team with the Megachurch Client Program. We assign a top-level support representative to your church as your dedicated account manager and work with you to understand your ministry goals.

  • Ministry Implementation

    Our experienced team of former pastors, ministers, and church business administrators works with your staff to plan and launch bigger and better things.

  • Data Services

    Data Services provides well-trained experts who help clients address specific issues related to their actual data and database files.

  • Training

    Take advantage of a wide array of training options, led by ACS Certified Trainers, to ensure the success of those who use our software, from new users to veterans.

  • Ideas to Impact

    Attend our annual client training conference to learn directly from certified trainers, support representatives, and other church staff who genuinely want to see your ministry succeed.

  • Forms & Supplies

    We provide complete solutions. All of the forms, supplies, and technology products are quality products guaranteed to work with ACS modules.

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Whether online, offline, or wireless, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology's value for ministry. We provide management solutions to nearly 50,000 faith-based organizations with focused development and service efforts in 6 key areas: megachurches, medium/large churches, and small churches, organizations, schools, and the Catholic market. With leading brands Realm, ACS, PDS, The City, and HeadMaster, ACS Technologies enables churches to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving.

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