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Running a diocese is a complicated responsibility. It involves many moving parts and relies upon getting good information from its parishes. That's why many dioceses are increasingly interested in data standardization initiatives and data sharing projects.

  • "As many of our churches as possible using a standard accounting system will allow for our diocese to be able to provide greater support and assistance to the individual church treasurers. The Parochial Report software, as part of the larger parish administrative services package, will help aid the process by streamlining and easing the compilation of data and the reporting process for our parishes.”

    — Marsha, Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

Customized specifically for Episcopal congregations and diocesan offices.

ACS Church Software


Built upon the #1 best-selling church management software and church accounting software ever.

ACS Technologies offers a complete solution to Episcopal dioceses. We gathered input from parish administrators, treasurers, diocesan staff, and others, and used what we learned to develop customized versions of ACS specifically for Episcopal congregations and the diocesan administration. It includes a broad range of features to solve the unique challenges from the local parish to the diocesan office. Plus with multiple ways to connect to your information, ACS gives you the ability to track people’s involvement and manage your churches finances from virtually anywhere using a connected computer or mobile device.

  • Standardize how your parishes record information and how it gets shared with you
  • Take advantage of special purchases incentives for groups of congregations
  • Get the tools you need for special diocesan mailings

Highlights of what you can do with ACS:

  • Keep detailed information about members, visitors, and friends

    • Easily maintain up-to-date and accurate data to create critical reports that help you identify trends and opportunities
    • Track key dates and relationships
    • Pre-populated with descriptions unique to Episcopalians, such as date baptized and date confirmed
    • Membership statuses appropriate for Episcopal churches
    • Output labels for letters and mailing lists
    • Use email for rapid, pinpoint message delivery
    • Identify and work with committees and groups
  • Know exactly where you stand with contributions and finances

    • Manage all types of contributions and donations
    • Choose multi-year and annual pledge options
    • Handle accounting for multiple funds
    • Create history reports for current or past years
    • Produce and distribute necessary tax documents
    • Allocate funds to particular needs or accounts
    • Generate your necessary financial reports
    • Manage invoices and payments
  • Make your advanced tasks simple

    • Automated Register of Church Services (Complements written service register book)
    • Provides data you can analyze for trends
    • Suggested chart of accounts for Episcopal churches
    • Automatically calculates all information needed for the parochial report
    • Annual report saved for future reference
    • Creates audit reports to highlight data issues throughout the year
  • Take advantage of online access

    • Initiate online giving and event registration
    • Let members manage their own information online
    • Use tools for small group management
    • Manage multiple event calendars online

Additional Service Options

  • 24/7 Support

    Invite us to become part of your ministry team with the Megachurch Client Program. We assign a top-level support representative to your church as your dedicated account manager and work with you to understand your ministry goals.

  • Ministry Implementation

    Our experienced team of former pastors, ministers, and church business administrators works with your staff to plan and launch bigger and better things.

  • Data Services

    Data Services provides well-trained experts who help clients address specific issues related to their actual data and database files.

  • Training

    Invite us to become part of your ministry team. We assign a top-level support representative to your church as your dedicated account manager and work with you to understand your ministry goals 24/7.

  • Ideas to Impact

    Attend our annual client training conference to learn directly from certified trainers, support representatives, and other church staff who genuinely want to see your ministry succeed.

  • Forms & Supplies

    We provide complete solutions. All of the forms, supplies, and technology products are quality products guaranteed to work with ACS modules.

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Whether online, offline, or wireless, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology's value for ministry. We provide management solutions to nearly 50,000 faith-based organizations with focused development and service efforts in 6 key areas: megachurches, medium/large churches, and small churches, organizations, schools, and the Catholic market. With leading brands Realm, ACS, PDS, The City, and HeadMaster, ACS Technologies enables churches to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving.

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