Lead in every aspect of your church.

Realm® creates new opportunities for pastors to innovate how their church runs and how it changes lives.


    • Equip Your Staff

      Make sure your staff has the best tools available to accomplish everything they need to do to support your ministry—wherever and whenever they need to do it.

    • Bring People Together

      Give people the opportunity to connect throughout the week, share prayers with their groups, see what's happening, update family info, and RSVP to group or special events.

    • Nurture Spiritual Growth

      Use tools like Realm's Pathways to step someone through a discipleship program, involve staff for follow-ups, and see where people are in the process.

    • Develop Great Leaders

      Guide leaders through any necessary training and provide group leaders tools for them to manage their group roster, communicate, schedule events, and share photos or files.

    • Feel Your Church's Pulse

      Use Realm's dashboards, reports, and custom queries to get a sense of your church's health—from member involvement to attendance to overall giving trends.

    • Teach more. Tech less.

      Innovation doesn't have to be complicated. You'll find Realm is easy to use for people of all ages and backgrounds, and you'll be able to focus on what matters most.


Realm® is an essential part of a pastor's active life.


What Pastors Love About Realm®

  • “I love the integration between all different areas such as financials, attendance, and groups. I also am a huge fan of the Realm Connect app that allows me to quickly search for and contact church members. Reports pull easily and there are a ton of customization options throughout the various areas."

    – Brandon, Next Generation Pastor in Tulsa, OK

  • "Everything is in one place. Giving, attendance, directory...and all with mobility. Overall, we have been very pleased with Realm."

    – Derek, Pastor in Knoxville, TN

  • "From the children's ministry to our greeter team, Realm has helped us focus on people and ministry while not missing any of the important details."

    – Rodney, Pastor in Knoxville, TN

  • "My favorite feature of Realm is the reporting. The ability to have transparency across our leadership team of who is attending meetings, financial reporting, who is serving, demographic information, and more is a game changer. Before Realm, we never had this kind of immediate information available."

    – Jonathan, Small Groups Pastor in Kennedale, TX

  • “Combining Realm dashboard reports, which show potential opportunities for pastoral care, with accessibility of congregant contact information, and the ability to track people through processes in Pathways, is allowing our pastors to provide greater care than has ever happened before."

    – Jenn, Director of Ministry Process Development in McMurray, PA

Realm® brings your church administration and congregation together in an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution that goes where you go.

  • A Solution for Your Whole Church

  • Building Community in the 21st Century

  • Making a Lasting Impact in the Community

Important features for Pastors

  • Profiles

    Your church staff can manage all profile information, define custom fields, review member updates, and associate family members.

  • Giving

    All kinds! Assigned staff can set up funds, enter batch contributions, view reports, and send out statements via email or mail.

  • Accounting

    Manage financial data in Realm using its fully integrated chart of account system to track transactions, set budgets, pay invoices, and run reports.

  • Events

    People can self-register, check-in on the Connect mobile app, invite lists of people, and coordinate all the little details.

  • Communication

    Communicate more efficiently by posting your announcements, sending targeted emails, or leaving messages on group walls.

  • Check-in

    Centrally manage your check-in kiosks, assist with checking people in, run attendance reports, and view activity in real time.

  • Volunteers

    Coordinate groups that serve a specific purpose, like worship teams, elder boards, welcome ministry, food banks, and more.

  • Reports

    Realm provides the data points that matter and gives you flexibility to discover the insights that will impact your ministry.

All Features

Take your church's ministry to the next level.

  • Data Conversion

  • Support

  • Online Giving

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • No Annual Contract

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