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School administration, billing, accounting, donor tracking, and communication in a single, cloud-based solution.

HeadMaster Software manages all your school's administrative details and communication needs in one integrated database. It's flexible and can be customized to fit your unique needs. All HeadMaster Software solutions come with comprehensive support and training options.

HeadMaster Software empowers your staff and teachers with anytime, anywhere access and connects your parents and students online. It's accessed via the Internet through an all-in-one, monthly package called HeadMaster OnDemand. Specifically designed for private and independent nonprofit education facilities, it's the perfect service for educational facilities seeking to streamline administrative management while connecting administrative offices, classrooms, and homes.

  • Keep all of your student information within reach.
  • Make common tasks easier for your staff and faculty.
  • Provide extra value back to families.
  • Simplify billing, accounting, and payroll.
  • Share data between your church and school.
  • Access info anywhere over the Internet.
  • IncludeMobile app for parents and staff included for FREE.
  • "The parents love it because it enables them to see new grades daily, and keep up with their child’s averages without the worry of their child making it home with a stack of papers or waiting on the postal system."

    – David, West Monroe, LA

  • "I use HeadMaster in my classroom everyday. My favorite feature is the grade book as it averages the grades for each student for me and also gives me a class average for each assignment. This feature saves me a lot of planning time!"

    – Amy, language arts teacher

  • "The students like the look of their transcripts and that the entire process is so fast."

    – Sheila, Fayetteville, NC

  • "I use HeadMaster daily to document attendance, input grades and document student activity. It has been a useful tool to integrate documentation of grades while allowing parents to monitor their child's progress in the subject area."

    – Judy, science teacher

HeadMaster Fits Schools of all Sizes

  • Private School (K-12)

    HeadMaster is an ideal hosted software solution for educational facilities seeking to streamline administrative management while connecting administrative offices, classrooms, and homes. Teachers can mark attendance and grades from their classrooms or homes. Parents can log in to view their child's progress and assignments. Administrators can work anytime, anywhere over the Internet. IT maintenance is eased with automatic remote data backups, updates and security patches.

  • Large Schools and Institutions

    HeadMaster scales well and is also a perfect hosted solution for larger facilities who need to manage all their students and staff information, plus complex tuition, donors, outreach and fundraising data. This school software management solution empowers your staff and teachers with anytime, anywhere access and connects your parents and students online. We also have clients who are Small Colleges, Seminaries, and Adult Learning Centers.

Included Services

  • Tuition Billing

    Track various tuition rates, fees, and discounts according to different frequencies. Generate invoices, post payments, and give parents the ability to see consolidated family balances and make payments online.

  • Lunch Program

    Turbo-charge your lunch program by enabling teachers to enter orders from the classroom, providing summary reports to cafeteria staff, and giving parents the ability to pay online.

  • Data Conversion

    Data Services provides well-trained experts who help clients address specific issues related to their actual data and database files.

Add-on Services

  • Accounting Software

    Accounting Software

    In addition to billing, we provide a full fund accounting system that integrates with HeadMaster. By connecting accounting with student information, you can link tuition payments directly to General Ledger and calculate payroll based on time logs.

  • Online Campus

    Online Campus

    Eliminates the location and time limitations to learning. Solomon Learning Management System is a cloud-based solution for offering online learning to students. It’s easy to use, provides rapid course deployment, and is mobile friendly.

  • SMS Text Messaging

    SMS Text Messaging

    Modernize the way you communicate by using SchoolCast. Easily send important voice, email, or text messages to parents, faculty, and specific groups like sports teams and clubs.

  • Library Manager

    Library Manager

    Use our partner’s efficient library management system to track your inventory, print asset tracking labels, and manage the process of checking out and returning books.

  • Donation Tracking

    Donation Tracking

    Keep your donation information in sync with your family contact information and record contributions directly into your accounting system when bundled with ACS Financials.

  • Staff Background Checks

    Staff Background Checks

    Run prospective staff or volunteer background checks directly from HeadMaster. This is an additional service offered by Verified First, one of our partners.

Plus we're here to help you.

  • Training

    We provide all the training you need to empower your staff and faculty to make the most of HeadMaster. We offer on-site training, online webinars, and an annual National Conference where clients come together to learn from each other and our team.

  • Support

    Software alone can’t do it all. We’ve got the largest support team in the industry, and we look forward to helping you shape young lives. Enrollment in the Preferred Client Program is included in your monthly subscription. Simply call or email us if you need help.

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Preschools and K-12 schools across the US are using HeadMaster to improve the quality of education they provide to students and their families. It's a complete solution and handles all of the essential administrative responsibilities you face every day. Getting started only takes a couple minutes, and there is no obligation to buy.

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