Make connections that last.

Realm® equips your staff to help new people become an active part of your church.

  • Greet with Smiling Faces

    Cheerful greeters make a positive first impression. With Realm®, you can create a group for your welcome team, and then use the mobile app to communicate with your team and share the schedule.

  • Check In Guests Quickly

    Show visitors that your church is efficient, organized, and prepared to handle their visit as seamlessly as possible. And for guests with kids, demonstrate you have a safe, secure environment for children.

  • Collect Important Contact Info

    From welcome center kiosks to child check-in or guest notecards, there are multiple ways you can capture visitor information and securely store it online in Realm®.

  • Make it Easy to Follow-up

    A consistent follow-up process speaks volumes about your church. With Realm®, you can manage interactions, personalize communication, and start plugging visitors in.

  • Keep Conversations Going

    Connect beyond the foyer or fellowship hall with people-driven ministry tools to help you foster meaningful relationships at any time, from anywhere on any device.

  • Make Personal Connections

    Real, personal connections make a church visit memorable and authentic. Realm® helps your visitors connect with your welcome team without feeling “handled” or pressured.

  • 91% of visitors never return to churches that do not have an intentional welcome ministry strategy in place.

Conversation Starter Ideas

  • "Have you ever been to church before?"

    Find someone you don’t recognize and start the conversation off with a simple question. If they are new, you can connect them to your process. If they’re not, you’ve met someone new.

  • "Can I answer any questions about our church?"

    Give visitors an opportunity to ask questions about your church. Make sure regular attenders know where to direct people when they can’t give an answer.

  • "Do you know anyone who attends our church?"

    This could provide a lot of insight into how connected a visitor may feel to your church. If they don’t know anyone, you have an opportunity to become that friend.

Welcome Ministry Guides

3 Keys to Welcome Ministry Success

  • Create a Welcoming Environment

    What you say and what you do defines the atmosphere of your church. Use these seven healthy habits to set the right tone for building a welcoming environment:

    • Pray for your community during services.
    • Engage your congregation in outreach.
    • Communicate your outreach objectives.
    • Designate an area online for visitors.
    • Schedule events focused on outreach.
    • Provide welcome classes to tell more about your church.
    • Be approachable and offer multiple contact methods
  • Inspire People to Come Back

    Relationships don’t happen over night. They take time. So how do we make time for relationships to bloom? Well, it starts with creating opportunities to connect. But if people never come back, you never get the chance.

    Three factors determine whether or not a visitor will come back:

    • The church makes a positive first impression.
    • The visitor establishes a connection with the pastor.
    • The style and content of the service resonates with the visitor.
  • Place People Where They’ll Stick

    Instead of passively hoping your church website does enough to communicate group information to visitors, assign someone to personally commit to getting your visitors involved in a way that fits them. We like to call these volunteers “Connection Agents,” and we are seeing churches use them with tremendous success. For example, one way is to connect the visitor with a small group leader or a leader on a serving team, where a personal invitation can be extended.

12 Key Touchpoints for Your Visitors

Touchpoints are important ways to connect with visitors, create moments of interaction, and reinforce the identity of your church. They can be as simple as a street sign and as elaborate as a website. One study analyzed 5 different growing churches and discovered the important role these touchpoints had with assimilation and growth. And while our software cannot produce signs, placards, and packets, we can help you manage the process and resources you need to make all of these ministry touchpoints a part of your church’s assimilation strategy.

    • 1 Church website
    • 2 Street signs
    • 3 Greeters (parking and door)
    • 4 Information center
    • 5 Well-Marked Rooms
    • 6 Campus maps
    • 7 Registration system
    • 8 Check-in stations or kiosks
    • 9 Guest gifts or info packets
    • 10 Call within 48 hours
    • 11 Hand-written note from staff
    • 12 Group/Class recommendations

Realm® is the engine behind thousands of welcome ministries.

  • Building Community in the 21st Century

  • Connecting and Communicating

  • Reaching Students & Building Relationships

Pathways, in Realm®, provides structure and accountability for important internal processes.

  • "We have had a great experience with Realm! Our staff members are able to maintain records with the help of parishioners and our parishioners find it easy to use."

    – Dianna, Pastoral Associate in Cornstock Park, MI

  • "Realm makes it easy to track members' information and helps us keep in contact with our congregation no matter where they are in the process of being involved with our church."

    – Lindsey, Business Manager in Littleton, CO

  • “Pathways allows people in any process at the church to not fall through the cracks, and for staff to have oversight into who is in any step of any given process at a particular time."

    – Jenn, Director of Ministry Process Development in McMurray, PA

  • “We love Pathways. We see it as being one thing that will help us more than any other to disciple our congregation, make sure new people get involved, and make sure people are cared for."

    – Jimmie, Elder in Fort Worth, TX

Important features for your Welcome Ministry

    • Define Your Follow-up Procedures
    • Monitor Discipleship Programs
    • Track Volunteer Training
    • Guide People through Membership
    • Model Virtually Any Process
    • Reorder Steps Anytime
    • Create Steps
    • Assign Leaders to Steps
    • Set Reminders
    • Add Vistor Contact Info
    • Mark and Track Progress
    • Add Notes about Visitors
    • Create Lists of People in Steps
    • Define Staff Access
    • Get Task Notifications
    • Set Up Unlimited Pathways
    • Guide Unlimited Participants
Events & Check In
    • General or Group Events
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Personal RSVPs
    • Guest Registrations
    • Online Registration
    • Check-in System
    • Customizable Kiosks
    • Staffed Kiosks
    • Self-Serve Check-In
    • Customizable Kiosks
    • Classrooms Locations
    • Name Badge Printing
    • Custom Registration Questions
    • Campus-specific Events
    • Shared Multi-site Events
    • Individuals
    • Families
    • Sacraments
    • Custom Fields
    • Pastoral/Staff Notes
    • Special Instructions (e.g. allergies)
    • Church Directory
    • Directory Search
    • Profile Photos
    • Self-managed Profiles
    • Self-managed Family Members
    • Profile Communication Preferences
    • User Security
    • Assigned Roles
    • People Import
    • Duplicate Detection
    • Change Logs
    • Campus Affiliation
And so much more…
    • Group Leader Tools
    • Roster Management
    • Meeting Calendars
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Shared Files and Materials
    • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
    • Volunteer Groups
    • Email List Targeting
    • In-app Announcements
    • Email Blasts
    • Email List Exports
    • Direct Messaging
    • Mailing Labels
    • Campus Reports
    • Custom Report Builder

All Features

Take your church's welcome ministry to the next level.

  • Data Conversion

  • Support

  • Online Giving

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • No Annual Contract

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