Stewardship is an inherent aspect of having a successful church. It's all about ministries being grateful and responsible for gifts received. However, it is not unheard of for churches to face dissolution if they aren't able to make the most of this key principle and use resources wisely.

The Difference Between Success and Failure


  • Church success or failure usually comes down to a few decisions. Key decisions need to be made to positively impact your church's financial stability. This includes:

    Pairing a financial package with the right church management software (ChMS)
    Properly accounting for gifts given to the church
    Helping congregants assimilate to online giving
    Installing additional contributions options

A Good ChMS Can Foster Great Stewardship


By making changes to how your staff operates, in conjunction with using the proper tools, your church can be made a model of good stewardship and operate more efficiently

When reporting to the minister and the stewardship committee, it is now so easy to look at this year and compare it to last year. We're in our budget process right now and trying to predict our congregational contributions this year. Having the ability to track information in this way helps us to know what trends to expect.

—Helen McCrady, Old South Church, Boston, MA

  • This guide can help you learn how to foster great stewardship within your church. Download it now to learn more. In addition to this guide, we'll connect with you to see how we can better help you sharpen stewardship within your church.


  • Church Stewardship

    Richard Fancher of Sugar Grove Church of Christ talks about how Online Giving allows the people in his congregation to become better stewards.

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