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10 Sure Signs Your Church
is Behind the Times

If your church was no longer a part of the community, would you be sorely missed? The church’s voice must be current and relevant if it’s going to be a redemptive tool that meets the community’s needs and shapes our culture’s spiritual narrative.

Simply put, ministry should consist of 3 main areas:

Mission: The Why
Message: The What
Method: The How


With that in mind, take inventory of the church’s different areas to verify everything is on point and hits the mark. If you don’t, the church will quickly lose touch with the culture and start falling behind. Ideas and strategies will appear old and outdated. Tools will become stagnant and antiquated. Ultimately, the message will get lost in the clutter. 

To hit the mark, the church needs to define success. It must be measurable and quantifiable. Create your spiritual checklist. Examine the church through these five lenses to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of how you do ministry.


Know who you’re talking to and customize the message. 


Match the idea and approach with the message and audience to optimize ministry results.


Utilize ministry products and services that fit the personal makeup and spiritual framework of the church.


Select influencers and thought leaders that know the pulse of the church-at-large.


Tap into Bible study materials and curriculum to challenge and inspire the church’s different age and life-stage groups.

If you’re not doing any regular reconnaissance, the church is probably missing out on different ministry opportunities.


If any of these issues ring true, download the complete guide to learn how you can bring the ministry up to speed and create a rich, dynamic spiritual environment.

#10 The website isn’t updated regularly.

# 9  The children’s check-in process is still done with a clipboard.

# 8  No background checks are run for volunteers.

# 7  Most of your giving comes via the offering plate.

# 6  Your social media exposure consists of a Facebook page.

# 5  You think “online community” is an oxymoron.

# 4  Discipleship for you consists of periodic meetings.

# 3  Connections are only happening in the church foyer.

# 2  Small groups seldom connect online. 

# 1  There are no management tools to organize the life and operation of the church.


The church’s voice must be up-to-date and relevant if it’s going to transform a lost and dying culture with the life-changing message of the Gospel. When you survey the ministry’s landscape, take inventory of the church’s different areas to ensure everything hits the mark and is on point.

Let us help you bring your church up to speed by downloading our complete guide, 10 SURE SIGNS YOUR CHURCH IS BEHIND THE TIMES.

10 sure signs your church is behind the times