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Are You Sacrificing

Ministry Opportunities?

People are increasingly living their lives in mixed settings and multiple locations. 

The Church is relational. Its work is missional. Its aim is eternal. Why limit its settings to the institutional? Why exclude people based on their location or geography? Why make plans that are beholden to a person’s situation instead of opening doors to people’s realities?

Certainly, there are benefits that only in-person interactions can bring about. Body language, hugs and handshakes, and the energy that exists in crowds can’t be replicated when people are apart. At the same time, encouragement, teaching, worship, and unity of spirit can all be shared even if people are not present face-to-face. What’s more, many people who might otherwise not be able to gather can be given options to participate if we remove the demand of their physical presence. 

Ideas for Everywhere

Everyone needs your best and brightest ideas for bringing the Body to them, trampling obstacles, empowering them to break the habit of forsaking togetherness so they can be encouraged. The following represent ideas we’ve discovered to open the possibilities for Church From Anywhere (CFA). 

Worship From Anywhere

The easiest to execute and longest-standing method of CFA is virtual worship services. Regardless of the resources available to you, livestreaming services are a must-have for doing Church beyond 2020. As you allow your people to worship together, learn together, and grow together, there are some things you’ll want to consider. 

Tips for Virtual Worship:

  • Introduce online-only elements to let your online audience know that you are considering their experience, not just inviting them to watch. 
  • Deploy dedicated online greeting teams to welcome new visitors online. 
  • Create interactive opportunities such as: asking questions of viewers and live audiences, giving away random gifts or prizes, or even stream in speakers and testimony from remote viewers so the whole church knows that people are participating from multiple venues. 


Community From Anywhere

Again, not a hard concept to grasp. Get an online group solution that your church can control, and then empower your people to download the app and engage in the various groups that your community has to offer. 

Tips for Encouraging Online Community:

  • Establish basic groups around church priorities and mission.
  • Use mass texting to get the outliers into the conversation.
  • Share visual resources and imagery that keeps people engaged beyond mere words. 
  • Give people assignments or elicit responses that can only be conducted through the online or mobile app to get familiar. 

Serving From Anywhere

Maybe a little more unorthodox than the first two concepts, serving from anywhere will take some more coordination and effort on the part of serve team leaders and service project organizers. 

Ideas for virtual service projects are limited only by your imaginations and the needs of your community. From neighborhood clean-up projects to shut-in visitation to back-to-school drives, blood drives, and beyond, your people can do more than gather for the occasional morning bake sale. 

Ideas to Get Started With Virtual Service Projects:

  • Street Cleanup – Work with the city or neighborhood association to pick a street, culvert, alley, or park and set another time window for people to go and do various tasks. You can set up a task list that people can choose from. Once all the tasks are accounted for, let people go on their own time with provided tools and instructions, and get the job done. 
  • Back-to-School Kits – This could actually be done any time of the year. Regardless of when you do it, you can have families or individuals self-assemble backpacks full of essential school items for kids who need them. Then distribute. 

Growth From Anywhere

You already know the Church is not a building. So why limit your growth to who you can fit in – and who’s willing to come to – your building? It’s time to expand your reach beyond what you can see and open up the doors of invitation to everything your Body of believers has to offer.

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