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Learn to Speak About Giving

at Your Church

Before you talk to your church about giving, you need to have it firmly established in your heart that giving to the things of God – His Church – is not only a blessing but also a spiritual matter. It is a spiritual blessing to give to God once you believe that in your heart, talking about giving is easy. 

As a pastor or ministry leader, you are responsible for helping people develop the right heart and mindset toward the Bride of Christ. You know it’s for their benefit, as much as for anyone. When pastors think it impolite to guide people toward giving, it is a disservice to a congregation’s spiritual development.

Giving to the church is good, and you want good things for the people God has entrusted to your care.

Here are four easy steps for you to use when talking about giving with your church.

  1. Start with a vision
  2. Cover all of the bases
  3. Connect the dots
  4. Give People Options


Make sure your congregation knows how you plan to use their donations. People are more likely to give a cause they believe in, so let it be known you will put their money to good use. There are so many obstacles that prevent people from giving. Many people’s budgets have been slashed, so you have to equip and empower them to get in the giving game. 

Once you have your vision established and addressed people’s obstacles and concerns about giving, it will help show people how their giving will specifically make an impact. Have some of your congregants share their testimonies. 

When your people are ready to give, you need to make it easy for them. It needs to be convenient and straightforward. Many people pay their bills and order items online; they need to do the same with their tithes and offerings. You have to let people conduct their transactions where they prefer. No matter if it is online, through an app, or text, offering these items will ensure your congregation has a fast and easy way they can give. 

Now get out there and talk to your people about giving! It’s good for them, good for the Church, and good for you. We want your ministry to be blessed with abundance, and we want your people to develop a heart of generosity that permeates and improves every area of their lives. That’s why we’ve created this free guide to help you talk about money at your church in a way that will be fruitful.

Learn even more about talking about giving with your church by downloading the complete guide.

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