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Plan a Pandemic Proof Easter

In 2020 many churches were taken by surprise. The Easter season’s onset was assaulted by a global pandemic, leaving most churches scrambling to react to the most significant change in ministry strategy that many had ever faced. Instead of planning a successful Easter weekend, church leaders scrambled to assemble some semblance of a traditional Easter in entirely new formats. Many went to online-only services. Others suffered steep attendance declines. What is usually anticipated as an opportunity for growth and celebration became a season of frustration and unmet expectations. 

This year will be different. We’ve learned a lot. Churches have had a year to pivot, to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed. While the process has been painful, God has used it as an opportunity to reveal his will for his Body.

Having all of your church members plus visitors probably isn’t going to happen. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t want it to either. Encourage the idea of everyone being involved in the Easter service but not everyone attending in person.  You’ll want to take a hybrid approach. Determine what core elements must be available online and in person. Offer unique touches to consider the differences for your congregation engaging in both. 

Be sure you are leveraging your website and social media platforms to help get the word out. Reach out to everyone you can think of online and in person to invite them to engage in your Easter service. Have them invite their friends and family. Even set up a giveaway for visitors. It’s critical to have a plan from beginning to end of your service. 

Consider these five steps as you plan your Easter service. 

  1. Invite Your Congregation and Visitors
  2. Grow by Retaining and Following Up with Visitors
  3. Expand by Making Offering Requests
  4. Keep Kid’s Services Convenient and Secure
  5. Capture and Use the Data you Gather


Remember, what we’re celebrating is a miraculous spiritual event that has brought hope to billions of people throughout history. When people gather online or in person to worship and celebrate the resurrection through your church, it’s a big deal! Spend some time in prayer and keep your priorities straight. All of your plans are important, but not as important as letting God lead you to reach your community profoundly this Easter. And remember, we’re praying with you, trusting that God will lead your church to big things for his glory! So, take this advice and run with it!

Learn even more about planning a Pandemic Proof Eater by downloading the complete guide.

pandemic proof easter