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Vacation Bible School

Resource Kit

In-Person or Virtual: We Have You Covered

Make this year's Vacation Bible School fun and easy.

We’ve put together resources and videos that will help your teachers and kids through a simple, interactive summer kids program. Kids can participate in in-person classes or virtually from home.

It’s Fun!

Each day, your kids – ages three through ten – can watch videos based on the theme “Jesus Loves Me.” They will worship together, learn together, and do crafts together. The videos and activities can be interspersed with breaks and snacks, structured however you want. Your kids will learn the big themes of God’s love and how they can apply these principles to their lives.

It’s Easy!

Just play the videos, oversee the crafts, and add in some snacks and playtime for free and easy VBS fun! Just make sure to fill out the form above to gain access to all your free resources!

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