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The connected + stronger church solution

As a church leader, you know the greatest challenges of the Church are its people being:


Culture is clashing with the church. The church seems culturally irrelevant. 75% think religion is losing its influence on American life.


Younger generations aren’t entering faith communities. 2 out of 3 young people raised as Christian will walk away.


Traditional attendees are de-churched. Church attendance is down 33%; 40 million Americans have stopped going to church.


Generosity and giving are down. Only 10-25% of an average congregation tithes regularly.

The answer, of course, is a life changing personal relationship with Christ. And to do that…

The more you connect people with what they need the stronger your church will be.

Gloo connects. ACST Strengthens

Gloo connects...

People – more new people to serve

Content – a rich library of digital and physical resources for all ministry jobs

Technology apps – that help leaders scale, automate, and be more effective in ministry

Services – that put a wide range and deep bench of professional expertise at leaders’ fingertips

Grant & Scholarship Funding – enabling leaders to accelerate and sustain their missional objectives

Integrations – that bridge technological silos and remove barriers to entry for any size ministry

ACST Strengthens...

Administration & Operations for your entire church; pastors, staff and congregants

Welcoming & engaging members through missions, outreach and events

Communications with personalized messages, websites, media and content

Congregant care & faith journey next steps through custom workflow processes

Stewardship & Giving capabilities

Financial & facilities management

Worship Planning, Education & Discipleship training

Children’s & Youth Ministry programs and security

Equipping your church.

Incredible resources.

All integrated.

The value for your ministry multiplied.

The result: Greater reach outward and inward.

Yes, the Church needs help finding and welcoming younger generations and the de-churched. It needs to be more culturally relevant, and increasing decreasing generosity is key. But also nurturing the people you see regularly is equally important. Together, we help you do both… grow broader in your community and deeper in your congregation.

Serve more people. Lead a healthy church. Grow disciples.

From the start of someone seeking to the ever maturing person teaching others. Considering every operational need, education on best practices and personal help with every step along the way. We connect and strengthen you.

Your whole church. All your people. One person at a time.

By combining all we offer, united, Gloo and ACST provide a virtually limitless set of tools, services and resources that help churches be a truly people centered ministry. Bottomline: We help you meet people where they are… and then take them to the next step. All with a holistic view and understanding of that person and their faith journey.

Release the collective
might of the church.

All churches stronger.

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