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An App Platform Built For Churches

PocketPlatform was built from the ground up to provide a rich and engaging app experience for congregations.

A Custom Branded App Providing a Truly Integrated Experience

PocketPlatform provides a truly integrated experience allowing churches to share information such as sermon notes, volunteer opportunities, events, group information, & giving campaigns.

PocketPlatform is also a content hub enabling churches to target content to specific audiences giving congregants a personalized experience to increase overall engagement

Streamlined Content Management

Keeping your website, app, & other communications up to date is time-consuming, especially when your church has a lot going on. PocketPlatform eases the burden by pulling information directly from MinistryPlatform. You can post events, serving opportunities, groups, sermon notes, and so much more directly to your app.

Engaging, Dynamic Content

Your job is to make your congregation aware of everything your
church has to offer, but each individual wants to interact with your church in their own way. PocketPlatform allows you to create a personalized experience for each person in your church by providing content based on groupings as well as their location. Congregants will see information that is most relevant to them, and your church will have higher engagement.

Group Management

Group leaders can schedule meetings, take attendance, & manage & communicate with their group members. Groups can engage in multiple chats, allowing group members to communicate with each other and the group leader.


Understand how many people are accessing your content, what devices they’re using, & what content they’re engaging with to better create & tailor content to your audience.

Lead Your Churches with Confidence

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Intro to PocketPlatform

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Killer Design

PocketPlatform was created by a team of designers and coders with decades of experience serving the church community. Your app was created to not only have the best and most unique features but also beautiful design that creates rich user experiences.

PocketPlatform is essential for keeping your church engaged with minimal effort from your staff. Plus, you'll have insights that will aid in your communication strategy.

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