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Blog » 10 Mother’s Day Push Notifications for Churches

10 Mother’s Day Push Notifications for Churches

Mother's Day Push Notifications for Churches

Mother’s Day is around the corner. While we may not have necessarily forgotten the holiday, we could benefit from a countdown or at the very least welcome a reminder. And, if your church has activated an app for members, a mother’s day push notification  (small, pop-up messages sent to a user’s device by a mobile app that appear even when the app isn’t open and are designed to grab attention and can convey reminders, updates, service updates, etc.) or two or three would definitely meet the mark! 

Not every notification requires an image, but a picture or graphic will definitely emphasize your message. And how much do our moms enjoy pictures? If you think about it, she may still have printed pictures on her refrigerator along with hand drawn masterpieces from once upon a time – sweet mementos all held together with magnets and scotch tape. The following 10 Mother’s Day Push Notifications for Churches will increase your engagement with your congregants: 

  1. She loved you first- sit with her at church (list service times)
  1. Online is almost as good as in person. Join us for Mother’s Day with a special 

message from Pastor’s Name (link to service) and we’ll save a spot for you!

  1. Share this timely devotion (include link) with those especially missing their moms.
  1. Know a single mom who needs some help? Invite her to church, bring her a meal, and spend quality time with her. Then follow up!
  1. Women’s shelters could use some help in our area- contact (info) with how you can provide necessities for moms taking their next steps.
  1. If you’re dining out for Mother’s Day, go ahead and book your reservation now so you aren’t scrambling later.
  1. Can’t be with your mom this year? Order the flowers, or candy, or renew a subscription for her. But, she’ll treasure a snail mail card with your personal greetings and signature the very most! 
  1. Our church is hosting a car wash for moms complete with vacuum and wiping all the chicken nugget spots off the seats! (Event info) and sign up here. 
  1. We love you, Mom! We are launching a new Bible Study (title) on (date) and want you to be there. Sign up here to receive your free workbook and reserve childcare.  
  1. (Friday afternoon before Mother’s Day) Here’s your friendly reminder that this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Are you ready to honor your mom?

The beauty of mothers day push notifications for churches  is that you can target your audience. Some are suitable for all, some specifically to mothers, and others are for anyone but mom as surprises are fun! In a time where our world is so tech savvy, don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your congregants for a Sunday gathering  to honor those who have nurtured and loved us from the beginning of our time on this planet. Not only will you increase engagement and create a buzz of excitement, you’ll see an additional boost in attendance. Let’s be honest, we could all use a push notification reminder to put our well-meaning intentions into heartfelt actions. Amen?

Forrest started with ACST in 2015 and has held key roles across many departments working directly with our ministry partners. He currently is a Territory Account Manager and specializes in helping large churches use technology to meet their full potential in every aspect of their ministry. He has served in youth and children’s ministry staff roles at his church and is passionate about leading churches in meaningful change.

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