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Pain Points Every Church is Feeling Right Now: Staying Connected

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Pain Point 2: Staying connected while your congregation is apart. Based on your church, you probably have a large age range across your congregation. You have some who are young and under 30 and you have others who are 60+. Regardless of their age, trying to keep people connected to your church can be difficult.  The younger generations are busy, all of the time. They always have something going on. The last thing on their minds is to check their church’s news feed or keep up with their announcements on Facebook. On the other hand, the older generations, many times, have no idea or barely know how to use technology. Trying to get them to join your church’s app or check their announcements on the newsfeed can be difficult.

Here are some ways to keep the older and the younger generations engaged:

  • Older Generations:
    • Hold a class to teach them how to use your app. Give them step-by-step directions on how to download your app, log in, and stay up to date. 
    • Hold a class to teach them how to use your website. Show them how to navigate your site to find important information.
    • Offer simpler ways to sign up for events and groups. Sometimes this can be overwhelming.
    • Hold specific events just for them. Zoom calls can be difficult, so implement an event in person that follows the CDC guidelines when your church is ready and they feel comfortable.
    • Make them feel like a valuable part of your church. Send them “thinking of you” cards when they aren’t attending church because they are more high risk.
  • Younger Generations:
    • Reach them where they are the most: social media. Make sure your pages are kept up to date and are active so they’ll see your updates. 
    • Have short Zoom call hangouts. They love to interact and hang out with their friends. Offer times where it’s open to anyone and they can come and go as they need to.
    • Plan engaging activities that they’ll have fun doing. Start a food drive and turn it into a competition. Who can donate more items, guys or girls, high schoolers or middle schoolers, or however else you want to split things up. This is a fun way to get them engaged and also serve their communities.
    • Offer worship nights on live-stream. Have your worship team (6 feet apart, of course) get together and play for an hour. Encourage them to tune in and listen. They can have it on while they are cleaning, hanging with their family, or doing schoolwork.
    • Remember that they want to feel seen. Send them fun church postcards and remind them that you can’t wait to see them when you’re all able to be back together. 
Reaching different generations requires different approaches, but they all want to feel connected in this time of disconnection. Be diligent in caring for your congregation so when you get back to in-person services, they feel like they never skipped a beat.
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