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5 Questions to Get Members to C.O.M.E. to Your Small Church Events

Just like large events, small church events also need to have a specific plan in place to be meaningful for your members.

Sometimes, smaller church events can be more effective than larger church events. Smaller events give more people the chance to get involved in ministry. Smaller events don’t have to replace large events, but they can supplement them and add to your church’s capacity to reach your community.

Make sure you aren’t overlooking your smaller events and they are still a priority in your church.

Here are five questions to ask if your considering smaller events:

  • Do your people have the vision?

Vision is contagious and if the leader is infected with a vision the people will be too. Train your people and your small groups to host their own smaller scale outreach events.

  • Do your people know why?

Why is reaching their friends and neighbors worth their time and money? Why is it their responsibility? How does throwing parties fit with this?

  • Are your people free to fail?

Create an environment that honors risk taking and embraces failure. We all have tried things that haven’t worked, but hopefully we’ve found somethings that work along the way.

  • Do your people have the time?

If you’re cramming 36 weeks of church activity into summer’s 3 months, don’t expect them or guilt them into being at everything. Release them to be the salt and light in their communities. Give them permission to stay home even though this Saturday is, “Your big event that reaches out to left-handed single mothers with PhDs who love art and you’d really like them to show up to support it.”

  • Who will pray for them?

Today, prayer is underrated. It works so don’t forget to pray for your people and visitors.

Though these smaller events don’t take as much organization up front, they are still similar to large events in the need to have a strong follow-up to keep members coming back.  Organic follow-ups support smaller events. If someone in your church or a small group throws a barbecue for 15-20 people, it’s their job to follow up with them individually. Here are some follow-up ideas for the next time people C.O.M.E. to your small event.

  • Coffee, invite them. Make plans to grab a coffee or other beverage at a later date. Use this to form new relationships.
  • Open-ended questions, ask them. Get them talking, and get to know them. Give them a place to belong. Get to know people and build relational bridges.
  • Meals, share them. Invite them to share another meal. Meals take longer than coffee and give space for more conversation.
  • Engage, connect with them. Open your heart and life to them. Ask them if it’s ok to friend them on Facebook or for their cell number.

Small events are personal and a great chance to get to know your members on a deeper level. Are you planning small events to welcome your members with open arms?

What are your best tips for planning and engaging small church event?

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