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Blog » Archdiocese Uses Data for Impactful Ministry Planning

Archdiocese Uses Data for Impactful Ministry Planning

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Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Denomination: Catholic

Founded: 1843
Parishes: 193

Reports used:
FullInsite Report
Comparative Insite Report

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The Diocese of Milwaukee was established in the territory of Wisconsin by Pope Gregory XVI in 1843. Given the status of the archdiocese in 1875, it has served the people and parishes of the greater Milwaukee area for over 175 years. As with any institution, the archdiocese has grown and changed throughout its rich history as it adapted to meet the needs of the communities. However, one thing has remained the same: its commitment to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Archdiocese of Milwaukee recently created a new office for missionary planning and leadership with the sole purpose of making disciples through leadership training, organizational health coaching, strategic missionary planning, data collection, and more. This team saw their role as help and support for parishes to identify opportunities to move to a culture of missionary discipleship and knew it was essential to use data in their planning process. They needed to know who was in their community and who was already sitting in the pews of their parishes so they could build realistic plans for sharing the Gospel. Without good data, the ministry planning and leadership office knew it would be difficult to make practical and applicable strategies.


Knowing how vital data is for solid planning, the archdiocese turned to MissionInsite to gather the information they needed, run reports, and analyze results on behalf of parishes. They were able to look at who is in the communities they’re trying to reach and see the trends for a particular area. Especially in the early stages of the planning process for the archdiocese as a whole and for individual parishes, the Office of Missionary Planning and Leadership analyzed, interpreted, and applied the data to their programs and ministry areas so they could offer the right options to the right people. With MissionInsite, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee was able to show parishes where they have opportunities to reach and serve people.

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“It’s necessary to use data so that we avoid planning just from looking at history, gut reactions, emotions, or agendas brought to the team. We have to take a realistic look at what is in our community.”

– Laura Engel, Associate Director of Missionary Planning and Leadership

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