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Church Has One Login For Many Different Ministry Needs

Church analytics

For years, the staff of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was stressed having to juggle multiple accounts. Some of which were only accessible in the office, to organize their parish. One account served to coordinate event check-ins while another hosted a site for online giving. Keeping track of each login kept the team busy preventing them from fully focusing on their ministry.

Angela, St. John’s accounting assistant, and her colleague traveled to ACS Technologies’ 2019 Ideas to Impact Conference in Washington, D.C. Their intentions were to learn more about Parish Data System, which was one of their many logins. While they were there, they heard of a new system that might better suit their needs.

“When we were there we kept hearing about Realm. We found somebody who just sat down with us for an hour and a half and explained it to us, and we were like this is what we need. We just thought wow,” recounted Angela. 

After implementation:

Since October, St. John’s management team was able to consolidate their various logins into a central location. Now, with only one login, they can send out team messages with the click of a button and access their accounting information even outside of the office. This simplicity freed them to focus on connecting the parishioners and growing their ministry. 

Realm’s online, single login system proved even more valuable as the coronavirus progressed in early spring 2020. This drove people to work and pray from home. With Realm, church staff and community were able to stay connected with one another and stay safe during this particularly difficult time. 

“I don’t know what we would’ve done during the time we weren’t able to come into the office if this wouldn’t have been online. The accounting and just being able to contact people, before there would have been no way we could’ve stayed in touch with people and work from home,” said Angela. 

Now that St. John the Baptist Catholic Church has Realm as a ministry partner, the staff has more energy to continue building the Kingdom and maintaining their church community from the safety of their homes.

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