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Constant Contact – Share the Word

I get the majority of my communication through email. Sure, I check different websites for news, events, and promotions, but it seems the majority of the initial information comes from an email. Whether it is a digest of community events, the church schedule, or a sale at a local retailer, there seems to be a pretty consistent trend – the emails are delivered by Constant Contact. Constant Contact now serves half a million customers, and we are pleased to be one of their partners. We believe in them as a solution not only internally but for our clients as well. Many of you include me on your monthly and weekly newsletters, and I appreciate it! It is always great to see what our clients are doing in their ministries!
Several years ago, we developed an integration that allows you to send your list data from our PDS, ACS, and Headmaster products directly  in to Constant Contact. This saves you the time of setting up a spreadsheet, saving it, and manually loading it in to your Constant Contact account. Within the ACS product, there is also the ability to send your contribution statements via Constant Contact.
Our clients continually provide feedback on how they enjoy the product as well as the integrations. I am excited to share that we now have a special promotion for ALL of our clients with Constant Contact. Starting today, February 1, if our clients sign up for a new Constant Contact account at they get 50% off of their first 6 months of billing. I love a good deal! This is for ALL of our ACS Tehnologies clients – PDS, ACS, Headmaster, The City, Membership Plus, Organizations, etc. I wanted to share the word, so you can share your word!

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