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Blog » District Uses Demographics Tool for Effective Ministry Planning

District Uses Demographics Tool for Effective Ministry Planning

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Location: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland
Denomination: Lutheran – Missouri Synod

Staff Members: 9
Churches: 123

Reports used:
ExecutiveInsite Report
Mosaic Lifestyle Segmentation

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The Eastern District of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod serves the congregations of New York, Pennsylvania, and the panhandle of Maryland. With 123 congregations spread out over three states, the staff at the Eastern District work continuously to provide adequate resources, training, and support to those churches so they can in turn minister to their communities.


The district often sees churches evolve and become involved in intentional strategic planning, wanting to know who is in their community, how they can relate, and what needs their community has. While general demographic information such as age, occupation, and marital status are good to know, those things aren’t always helpful for ministry planning. These congregations need in-depth information about their neighbors and community members to be able to develop ministry opportunities that genuinely impact people for the Kingdom.


One of the resources the Eastern District provides to their churches is MissionInsite. With MissionInsite, the staff at the Eastern District and the church leaders are able to pull lifestyle reports on the people in a specific area. The information included in the lifestyle segments gives ministry leaders valuable knowledge such as how those people prefer to be communicated with, what things they value, and an estimate for financial potential. Not only that, but MissionInsite also gives them access to the same useful information about the people who are already a part of their congregation. With this knowledge, the church leaders of the Eastern District can plan ministry efforts specifically tailored for the people they know are in their area and begin making meaningful connections with their neighbors and their congregants alike.

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“Demographics used to be just about who’s in your community, but the way MissionInsite puts it together, there’s a huge help in terms of understanding who our congregations are too.”

– Rick Porter, Lutheran Church Extension Fund Vice President

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