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Embracing Change in your Ministry

Many people dislike change because change takes work. Some churches use the same ministry programs they’ve used for 40 years even though they’re not working now like they did then. People keep doing the same thing because they get stuck in the routine. Your ministry programs either reach your community or waste your resources.

Some Church Management Software (ChMS) sticks around longer than it should, too. People keep using it because they’re used to it. They may hate every minute they spend on it, but each day they return to input more data and get work done. Your ChMS can either help amplify your church’s effectiveness or dull its impact.

Churches stay with stale ministry programs or outdated ChMS because change hurts. They keep doing the same things expecting different results—and that’s craziness. Great pastors don’t let their churches grow stale because they know how to lead change. They respond to the voice of the Spirit and the needs before them by adjusting processes, programs, and systems.

5 keys to making necessary changes:

1) Change starts with you. The successful adoption of any program rests almost entirely on your shoulders. You’re the catalyst that starts the process, and you’re the engine that keeps it moving forward.

2) Change takes preparation. Choose the right ChMS for your church’s goals. Manage time constraints and schedules by beginning with the end in mind and monitoring your progress. A solid plan increases the chances that the change will stick.

3) Change must flow to your staff and leaders before it flows to your congregation. Your staff and leaders must lead the change like they lead everything else. Have them lead the change. That’s why they’re leaders.

4) Change demands constant effort. Change takes work, so share the vision, set the example, acknowledge the challenges, and refuse to complain. Keep moving towards your goals.

5) Change pays off. The right ChMS or ministry program makes the difference between reaching your city or missing the mark. The right change is always worth the investment of time, resources, and energy.

If your ministry is stale or your ChMS outdated, make a change, and make a difference.

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