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Blog » Everything You Need to Know About Realm’s New Look

Everything You Need to Know About Realm’s New Look

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If you’re using Realm as your church management solution, you’ve seen the recent update and facelift within Realm. However, it’s way more than that! 

Our developers have been working hard to build Realm to be a solution that can continue to grow as we prepare for upcoming projects to better equip you with more tools and solutions all in one place. This is just the first step in allowing us to move forward on some bigger and exciting things to come.

With the recent update, there are four big changes you’ll notice pretty quickly. Those are:

  • New visual look that allows more screen space for data
  • Your new Ministry Hub which now houses all of your current and potential solutions
  • Updated options in your profile dropdown menu
  • Settings that are located within the specific tool you’re using (such as Pathways or Giving)

Let’s dive into each one and see how Realm’s New Look will improve your day-to-day tasks.

The Actual Face Lift

You’ve already noticed the visual changes within Realm, but those didn’t happen simply based on an idea to make Realm look better. We guarantee there’s a purpose behind our changes, even the smallest ones! So let’s talk about that large block of color that you probably don’t miss.

Realm was built to be user-friendly and intuitive, and to keep it that way, we’ve listened to our ministry partners as you’ve told us how you would prefer to see Realm. We’ve put those shared thoughts into action and given you more screen space to see your data. The large block of color that previously sat at the top of the screen is now much smaller in size, meaning you can see more of your actual data without needing to scroll down, making Realm more efficient for you as the user.

Your New Ministry Hub

Your ministry hub is your go-to place where you can find and easily switch between all of your integrated Realm solutions, such as Realm and Accounting. Also notice the gray options as available tools for your ministry.

Many of you expressed the need for a clearer understanding of Realm Admin and Community menus. Options, such as Pathways or Groups, were lost in the Admin menu, while other options, such as Reporting, were listed outside of the Admin menu. Now, all of your admin features – from reporting to pathways – are located under Realm in your new ministry hub. All of the features that are member-facing can be found under Connect. The clear distinction between the two allows for easier navigation and a better understanding of what is admin- versus congregant-facing.

An Updated Profile Dropdown Menu

Your profile dropdown in the top right can be expanded by clicking on your name. We’ve distinguished between your view as an administrator or user with permissions and your view as a congregant by adding a Realm option and Connect option under “My Profile Views” and “Notifications.” The Connect option will only show if your ministry has a Connect or Multiply plan subscription. You’ll also find options for your account, privacy settings, and payment methods (for those using Realm eGiving).

Tool-Specific Setting Options

Let’s say you’re in Groups and need to add a new group type. To do that with Realm’s previous setting options, you had to leave Groups and go to General Settings. Needing to switch areas within Realm to change a setting disrupted your focus and added extra steps to your workflow.

Realm’s New Look simplifies settings by offering options within their relevant areas. Instead of leaving Groups to add a new group type, you now see “Settings” within Groups and never have to navigate away from that area to accomplish your task.

Settings that don’t apply to one specific area within Realm are located within the Settings option in the Realm menu. And for all of your account settings or settings that apply to all of your systems as a whole, go to Settings in Your Ministry Hub.

Don’t forget about the smaller enhancements:

Support options are still available. They are now located at the bottom of your profile dropdown menu.

What changes will our congregants see? Most changes are only visible for administrators or users with responsibilities. However, your congregants will notice two differences moving forward:

  1. When logging into the Connect mobile app, they will see a new color for the app.
  2. When viewing Realm Connect on their computer or mobile browser, the Newsfeed has moved to the top of the menu.

Resources and Training

We know change can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a few free resources to help you and your staff become familiar with Realm’s new look. Download and share Realm’s New Look Cheat Sheet. And if you missed it, listen to the recorded Ministry Smart webinar, Realm’s New Look.

Leigh Ann Shelley joined the ACST team in 2019 as a Product Marketing Manager, overseeing the launch and overall communication of key solutions to support the church’s needs. Prior to joining ACST, she spent several years in communications and graphic design roles, most notably as a Communications Director for a large church in Florence, SC, where she leveraged Realm to help solve key ministry challenges.

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