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Facebook: Meeting People Where They Are

I was eating out with my family. As the kids went to play in the play-place, I decided to try and strike up some Jesus conversations with the people around me. It was hard because almost everyone was on their phones. Not that I was nosy, but most of them were on Facebook. They never looked up. It wasn’t easy. I’ve heard of some restaurants trying to ban cellphones so people will start talking to each other again. I’m not anti-technology. I love technology, but I love people more and want to reach them where they’re at. It convinced me that our digital presence is just as important as our physical presence.
Growing churches focus on their digital presence. They realize the importance of digital connections, and Facebook is a great tool for digital connection. A strong Facebook presence reaches people where they spend their time.
Here are a few Facebook tips for churches.
Facebook profiles—Your staff and leadership should be on Facebook. It offers people a window into their lives and helps them create connections with people. Keep these social. They’re for people, not your church.
Facebook pages—Your church Facebook page may get more views than your website. Keep it clean, current and clear. It’s your digital front door. Use your page for your church to encourage and connect with people. Post videos, quotes, and links to sermons.
Facebook events—Use Facebook events to connect your congregation and your community with what’s happening in your church.
Facebook Ads—Create ads for your church or events within Facebook. They work. Target specific locations or interests and get your message out to the people who need to hear it.
Remember, your digital presence matters, and using Facebook wisely will improve your digital reach.

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