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Five Ways Realm Pathways Help People Do Church Better

Realm pathways provide the framework that moves people through the processes that make both your ministry and your people stronger. Pathways are customizable and provide the framework churches need to help people fit into the organization. Realm’s pathways also help people close the gaps between what they’ve planned to happen and what actually happens.

Here are Five Ways Realm Pathways Help People Do Church Better:

1) Strategy. Creating a Pathway forces churches to think strategically and put their plans on paper. Scripture says that without a vision people perish. Pathways hold the answers you’ve found from the problems your church faces. How do people become members? How do they get involved in small groups? What happens with visitors? How can people start serving in the youth ministry? How does someone come to lead a small group?

2) Provides Direction. Realm provides leaders with reminders and updates every time they log in. It’s like a living to-do list of kingdom ministry. They can see who people are and where they are in the organization. They see where they are in the pathways and what steps they, as leaders, need to take to help others move along.

3) Filling the Gaps. Pathways set up in Realm help leadership find and fill the gaps people fall through. If people continually get caught in one place of your process, you can fix this area or review the whole process. Maybe, people are bottlenecking in the “training” step of your pathway. This may result from a failure of the leader providing the training, the time the training is offered or the communication of the training.

4) Teaching Processes. You will hire new staff members and appoint new leaders. They will need to be trained to do ministry the way you do. The pathways you’ve set up in Realm are easy to communicate and easy to understand. Leaders will know the ways things get done because they are in Realm for them to see. New leaders will implement things faster and ministry will be more stable because your pathways communicate  your processes.

5) Accountability. Pathways hold people accountable for completing a process and they hold staff and leadership accountable for walking people through the process. Realm allows churches to assign each part of the process to a specific leader. For instance, a potential children’s worker may need to walk through the following pathway. 

Application—>Interview—>Background Check—> Background Check Review—>Assistantship—> Training—>Teacher—>Coordinator. 

The pathway can breakdown at any point for any reason. The candidate can fail to follow through or leadership can fail to provide the candidate with the appropriate opportunity within the process.

But, there is accountability infused into the Realm system to help you curb issues and missteps.
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