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The Four Reasons People Leave Your Church

If they haven’t moved geographically, there’s a reason they’ve stopped coming. It hurts when people leave our churches. Our churches are like families. We spend lots of time together and learn to love each other. If you’re wondering why people leave, there are reasons.

In particular, there are four reasons people will leave your church. They were either hurt, embarrassed, distracted, or bored. There’s also the chance it was a combination of any of these reasons put together.

Hurt comes when someone does something to us. Embarrassment comes when we do something to others. Distractions come from the passing pleasures of the world and boredom comes when we do nothing at all.

1) HURT. If they’re hurt, help them find healing in Christ. Seek to be a peacemaker and facilitate reconciliation between them and others. A good church finds ways to see people reconciled to God and each other by the cross.

2) EMBARRASSED. If they’re embarrassed, help them find forgiveness and fulfillment in Jesus. None of us have it all together and sometimes our personal business falls out in public. A good church will help cover a person’s weakness in grace and mercy.

3) BORED. If they’re bored, find things for them to do. Maybe, your church has roadblocks for people who want to get involved. Find these roadblocks and get rid of them. We are a body, we need each other and each of us has a role. A good church finds ways for all to get involved.

4) DISTRACTED. If they’re distracted, it’s important that you reach out to them. Don’t work on bringing them back to “church,” work on your relationship with them and their relationship with Jesus. Be friendly. God works through buddies easier than He does through buildings.

There certainly are other reasons for people leaving your church. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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