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Blog » #GivingTuesday: It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Fundraising Campaign

#GivingTuesday: It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Fundraising Campaign


GivingTuesday is one of the most widespread generosity movements across the world. Created in 2012 as a day that encourages people to do good, it brings us all together as we strive to build a better world, one act of kindness at a time. 

In 2022, $3.1 billion was raised on GivingTuesday in the United States alone.

So why should you participate in GivingTuesday? Not only is this a great way to rally your members around a charity or cause your ministry supports, but it’s also a chance for you to reach new and younger givers who engage with your campaign through social media.

With GivingTuesday coming quickly, we’ve put together a few quick tips to help you plan your fundraising campaign. 

Choose a Cause

The first step to planning your campaign is choosing where funds from GivingTuesday donations will go. Is there a local nonprofit your church supports? Are you currently running a building campaign or special missions project? Or is there an outreach project coming up during the holiday season your members can support?

Choose a charity or cause that your members can rally behind. If working with a local nonprofit, contact them to be sure they are on board and ask about any details donors may need when making donations.

Add a Fun Element

Have you ever been convinced to donate a dollar at a dunk tank or donate to “vote” for someone to be pied in the face? That element of getting to watch something exciting makes your monetary donation even sweeter. Think about this when planning your campaign. Would your congregation enjoy seeing your pastor in a dunk tank or your youth leader with a pie in their face?

Add an incentive to really encourage your congregation to donate and tie it to a goal. Once that goal is reached, invite donors to take part in the event as a celebration of their generosity.

Make Donating Easy

Once you have your cause in place and decide on the incentive, make sure your donors can give easily and quickly. Create a fund specifically for your cause if there isn’t already one, and add that fund to your giving form. Another idea is to create a special giving form specifically for GivingTuesday with a text keyword attached to make it even more specific. By offering text giving, online giving, and mobile app giving, donors can give no matter where they are on GivingTuesday.

Promote Your Campaign

Now that the actual details of your fundraiser are set, start planning how you will promote your campaign. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the communication channels you already have in place, such as your weekly bulletin, mass text messaging, email communications, or in-app messaging, to tell your congregation about your campaign. Here are a few things you should include in your messaging:

  • #GivingTuesday: Remind donors they are part of a global movement of generosity that spans over 80 countries.
  • The “Why”: Donors give more when they are connected to the cause. Tell the story behind your cause so they feel engaged and compelled to donate.
  • How to donate: Make sure you include links and/or directions on how donors can donate. Just remember, keep it simple.

Key Tip: Have your pastor or another church leader make an announcement about GivingTuesday to emphasize its importance and how members can get involved.

Don’t Forget Social Media

It’s all about the hashtag! Post a few times ahead of GivingTuesday to get people excited for the day, and then spend that entire day posting on social. You could even go live with your pastor or others in your church to encourage donors and talk about the impact your ministry makes in your community. Use images that help tell the story behind your cause, and be sure to include your online giving link or your text keyword and number to make it easy for people to donate as soon as they see your post.

For free #GivingTuesday graphics, sample posts, and more, check out the GivingTuesday toolkit.

Acknowledge Generosity

GivingTuesday doesn’t stop at midnight. Roll into Wednesday with appreciation for your donors. Be sure to share a post on social media or even go live to thank donors for their gifts. Share the numbers with your congregation the next Sunday to celebrate their generosity.

The Bigger Picture

While raising funds is one of the goals of GivingTuesday, the main purpose is getting your congregation to be a part of a larger movement of generosity. Igniting that spark of generosity kickstarts the holiday season and prepares our hearts and minds to celebrate the ultimate gift of the coming season – the son of God, the Savior, born in a manger.

Leigh Ann Ortega

Leigh Ann joined the ACST team in 2019 as a Product Marketing Manager. She oversees the launch and overall communication of key solutions to support the church’s needs. Prior to joining ACST, she spent several years in communications and graphic design roles, most notably as a Communications Director for a large church in Florence, SC, where she leveraged Realm to help solve key ministry challenges.

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